Played my first scallped fretboard today

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Thread: Played my first scallped fretboard today

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    Played my first scallped fretboard today

    I swung by the new Mouradian Guitar location, out in Winchester, this afternoon to have my Strat rewired with the Heavy Blues 2 set. Dropped in, shot the shit with the guy there for a bit (I've been a semi-regular since I first moved to Porter Square, where they used to be situated, so they remember me), and then before I left demo'd a couple guitars from their (brand new) showroom.

    One of 'em was a Yngwie strat, and it was the first time I'd ever really gotten to play a scalloped neck. I have to say, I kind of dug it. It's a very different feeling from a "normal" fretboard since you never actually feel the fretboard under your fingertips. Bending was effortless, and it was kind of cool to be able to do a vibrato by just varying your finger pressure. Notes felt "clearer" somehow, too - one of the things I like about maple is some of the overtones it brings to the sound, but it was interesting to pick up a maple-necked guitar and hear none of that. I'd like to A/B it through a distorted amp, but jamming around unplugged it was kind of a cool experience. Also, it really forcved you to keep a pretty light touch on the guitar.

    I'd never scallop the board on my Strat, but this has me kind of wanting to pick up something with a scalloped neck, and if I get on with it possibly have a light scallop done to the UV. It was a cool feeling.
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    I've wanted a scalloped neck for a while - Im probably going to order a scalloped maple board warmoth neck at some point.

    for this...

    I dont have that one yet - probablly pick it up soon

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    It's different, isn't it? I haven't actually played one in years, but damn, I love those Yngwie Strats,

    I actually think an increasing scallop from the 12th on is a cool idear.

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    If you seriously want to get an existing neck scalloped, get my drummer to do it. Seriously. The guy scallops all his own guitar necks, and has an amazing feel for. He also starts extremely shallow (i.e. barely scalloped at all) at the first fret, and progressively works his way deeper as he moves up the neck. I'll have to see if I can dig up some pictures of his work, but it is just as good as any of the pro jobs I have seen.

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    I still have yet to experience this myself. Is it something that really isn't well-suited for powerful rhythm playing, or with a light touch would it work just fine?
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    They really have a cool feel, don't they?

    Bending definitely does seem effortless, and I feel (with my very light touch approach) that I don't necessarily have to dig into the fretboard to grab the fret of the note I'm playing.

    I really like them, and I'm actually surprised I don't own one.

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    I really want to try a scalloped neck. I think that I'd really like the feel (or lack thereof).

    I imagine that it's possible to send a neck to a tech for scalloping sans the body.

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    I scalloped my 1527 and I will never go back to normal boards. The control over the strings and vibrato is perfect, and after mastering the fingering pressure, The chords happen to be as easy as single notes.
    The Malmsteen strat is the only strat I have GAS for. I love the fel of that neck!
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