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Thread: Baritone vs Regular scale

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    Baritone vs Regular scale


    I ordered a bernie rico jr 2 days ago and wanted to consult about making it 26 3/16
    scale or staying with a regular scale.

    I'm both a rhythm and a lead player, I need both to sound equaly good,
    and I currently play on a 7 string tuned to B with a 25.5 scale, strins are 0.10-0.58.

    What are pro's and con's of a a 26 3\16 long scale? Isnt it similar to the schecter necks?

    What would be the difference in feel? Bendings, scale runs etc...



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    It'll be a little tighter. I really love the Schecter scale tuned to B.

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    I can't feel any difference between my regular scale guitars and my schecter (26.5") except it's a little tighter on the low A (I tune to drop A).
    So I say go for the 26" or maybe even 27" scale if he does that, I don't think you'll regret it.

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    The cool thing about the 26-26.5 scale is you get a bit more tightness for the low strings while still retaining most of your high strings' tonality. A few people don't like how shrill 27-inch+ scales sound with the high strings but YMMV. I think feelwise you probably wouldn't notice the difference, but you'll certainly hear it.

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    I bought a 26.5" Schecter when I was looking for a clearer low end than the one I got on my 25.5". The improvement wasn't that radical, but it was nevertheless obvious. Seriously good stuff man. And feelwise, it's not that much different, if at all. Go for it.

    Of course since you play in B standard I'm not that sure that you'd need a longer scale, though. I play in drop A.

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    Why 26 3/16"?

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    Its a little tighter, but you dont have to bend the string as far to acheive the same tension change, so it levels out.

    I ummed and ahhhed for ages about getting one of my customs made 26.5 or 27". I ended up going with 25.5. I partially regret it, a little, in that later I got to A/B against a mates guitar that is 27" and they were about equally tight sounding, but I didnt have any trouble adapting to the 27" scale (I like the feel of it better if anything) and it made me imagine how awesomely tight the custom I had would have been were it 27"

    With the custom I didnt get it because I didnt have any experience with baritones at the time and was worried I wouldnt like the feel of playing the longer neck. But as I say, I had nothing to worry about in the end.

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