Had the chance to spend the day @ Bernie Rico Jr's shop \m/

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Thread: Had the chance to spend the day @ Bernie Rico Jr's shop \m/

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    Had the chance to spend the day @ Bernie Rico Jr's shop \m/

    So I am on a work trip to So Cal this week and decided to take a trip down to Mr. Bernie Rico's Jr's shop to discuss the final specs of my custom build

    Bernie is a really nice and a genuinely cool guy, he invited me down to the shop and he took close to six hours out of his busy day just to hanging out / talking about woods and tone as well as letting me try out the hundreds upon hundred of amazing guitars he has there.

    The shop was really huge, and the coolest thing other than the guitars were all of the awesome cuts of exotic woods Bernie had laying around; after seeing all of the cuts of spalted maple he had i switched my top from a flamed maple top to a spalted maple top (i got to hand pick the top) \m/

    This was my first time trying out a BRJ guitar, they are among some of the best i have ever played; the necks were perfectly shaped and super comfortable. Every single guitar had an amazing fret job and top shelf hand picked woods; the finishes and custom paint jobs were the best i have ever seen hands down! Really one of the coolest days of my life

    I had the chance to try out the six string for the give away contest, believe me it is an amazing guitar in every way; so much more beautiful in person than in photos, I cannot wait to get my submission in, who ever wins this guitar will be extremely lucky!

    Here are some photos from today, i didn't get a chance to take too many as i was way to busy hanging out with Bernie and trying out every guitar he had :

    Highlights of the day:

    * Bernie showing me exactly how hard it is to cut stainless steel frets

    * Seeing Keith Merrow's new custom carbon fiber strat

    * Seeing the double cutaway acoustic with an iron cross sound hole made out of ziricote wood

    * The coolest concept for a neck through you have ever seen (i cant give away the details, but just wait until you see this new neck through concept Bernie invented!)
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    I've only just noticed, but Bernie has the most consistent smile I've ever seen. Seriously it's the same in every picture I've seen with him.

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    I like that vixen

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    Carbon fiber Strat?
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