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Thread: NGD - Custom Shop + Dino Cazares + Fear Factory !

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    NGD - Custom Shop + Dino Cazares + Fear Factory !

    This thread should be posted earlier, but I didn't have pictures and some info.. but better later than never

    Let's start...

    I was privileged to go to Vienna with Jack - the owner of the guitar shop - Guitar-Max
    and Pawel Kamecki - Pawel is a great and respected Polish luthier, he does setups for Behemoth
    he built a very special guitar for Joe Satriani,

    After a nearly 10 hour drive from Wroclaw, Poland we arrived at the Arena club in Vienna, Austria...

    After a while we went backstage to meet Dino... but....
    He wasn't there, so we had to wait...
    In the meantime I got to play a very nice Dino LACS 8 .. great guitar, the neck is really thin/flat - very comfortable.

    After a while Dino showed up! and here's where the NGD part comes in... the guitar is a present from Jack - with help from Dino, and Pawel Kamecki

    Custom Shop "Digimortal" improved replica made by Pawel Kamecki.

    Dino signing the guitar.

    Dino with Pawel Kamecki

    Pawel checking out Dino's 8 string

    Before the concert we went to check out Dino's other guitars.

    Jack, Dino and Pawel

    The Demanufacture guitar looks amazing! it is Really Heavy - Maple body an neck.

    Later we went to talk some more, and Dino and the band had to prepare before the show...

    The concert started - this is the third time I saw FF this year - they're better with every concert

    During Fear Campaign I got to play some riffs with Dino

    The concert was amazing, I'm really happy FF played Securitron (Police State 2000), Big God and Dog Day Sunrise..

    After the concert we hanged out with the band, talked a lot about guitars and stuff with Dino...

    After Dino's tech changed the strings and made a quick setup Dino played a bit on the guitar

    He really loved it - he immediately noticed the neck is better than the original, better binding and the inlay, he also liked that the guitar isn't so heavy.

    Body: Wawa - Wawa (tree) or Triplochiton scleroxylon, an African tree Wikipedia
    other site
    Neck: 3 piece Mahogany
    Fretboard - Maple with a Makassar Ebony overlay
    MOP "FF" Inlay
    24 Jumbo frets
    Bridge Ibanez Lo-Pro 7
    Gotoh Tuners
    Pickup: EMG 707, Single Volume
    Schaller strap locks

    That was a good day
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    Amazing guitar and a pretty awesome experience you had there with FF

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    Sorry for my English

    Soon in stores:

    - Tremol-YES

    - OMG OFR!!!

    - Tremol-maybe-kinda

    A floyd suspended by trampoline springs on all sides. Forget pivot points! Pitchbend up, down, sideways, catty-corner, diagonally - whatever-the-fuk-floats-your-boat!!!!

    LEE -™-

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    that's wild, congrats!
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    Holy hell man, so much awesome in that post! Looks like you had a good one.

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    Congrats, man! That must have been an amazing day! Was this your first time meeting Dino?
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    Blank Plank is going to be so jealous...

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    Wow, that's fucking great Seb! Guitar looks amazing.
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