NGD III : Old School Charvel / Fluo orange content?!?

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Thread: NGD III : Old School Charvel / Fluo orange content?!?

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    NGD III : Old School Charvel / Fluo orange content?!?

    Ok this one won’t visually please everyone.

    As I mentioned in this these threads :

    NGD : BC Rich ASM / Black + Maple

    NGD II : Custom Charvel + Warmoth / Ash + Maple

    … I ordered 3 guitars with the goal of keeping just one. So far, the custom Charvel won over the BC Rich, wich I already sold.

    This particular ’89 Charvel Spectrum I found locally for a ridiculous price (250$). I think the guy had no idea… Not that it’s worth a thousand bucks but beside some fretwear, the guitar is absolutely mint. I did not like the original white pickguard and truss rod cover… So I ordered a custom made black pickguard from Chandler and removed the truss rod cover to remove all things white on the guitar.

    To be honest, I’ve never been attracted to orange guitars (especially fluorescent orange!) and I thought I’d clean and “upgrade” it then sell it back with a small profit. BUT… After I cleaned it, oiled the fretboard and change the strings… Holy shit. The old school Charvels necks are my favorites as far as 6-stringers go and this one is no exception. Looove it, even with the ebony board (I really prefer maple usually…). For those who don't know, i'd say it's pretty thin. Not Wizard I thin but close, with the contour beeing more rounded than flat.

    Needless to say it sounds like no other guitar I have. It’s the first time I have a guitar with active single coils so I don’t really have any comparaison points… Let me just say it’s the first time I feel like keeping a guitar with single coils. I never heard such pristine cleans trough my amp. I’m not quite sure how to say it : the tone is truly a single coil one, but it’s “fatter” and "rounder" in some way. The onboard “wah” (or mid boost) is pretty fun too, makes it sound like an engaged wah that wouldn't rock back and forth.

    Now, I can’t help but think this is a keeper. In the end, I’ll probably keep 2 out of 3 guitars. Especially with the price I paid for this one.
    Here’s some infos I found on the guitar. I don’t know to what extent it’s valid, but here it is anyway.

    The three pickups appear to be single-coils, but are in fact “stacked” single-coil sized humbuckers with an active tone circuit with a wah function.

    - Poplar body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard
    - 22 Jumbo frets with dotted inlays
    - P-bass inspired pickguard.
    - LFR Jackson JT590 tremolo (made in Germany by Schaller)
    - Active electronics with 3 single-coil
    - Volume knob, tone knob and a Switch for the Mid-boost (JE-1200).
    - Locking Jackson-tuners.
    Iphone pics :

    Here’s a link to Charvel’s 1989 catalog :

    Ch1989Imports04 ‹ GUITAR GALLERY

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    Maybe because I didn't grow up in the 80's, I can't appreciate guitars that came from that era. That being said, I would mind trying out that guitar!

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    Ugly as fuck but still bad ass! Congrats Its also the same exact color as my Ibanez bass.

    Also Why does the Iphone make it look yellow in the pics? If it had a maple board it would be amazing.

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    Congrats, It looks awesome !
    Reversed Headstock and an amazing color
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    As soon as i read "fluorescent orange" i thought, "Did Frenchie get a Spectrum?"

    Awesome guitar, man! FWIW, i think it looks better with the white pickguard, but it's your guitar.

    That orange is definitely making your camera's CCD freak out.

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    I'm in love.
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    Killer color!

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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - "Ambitious" by Jeff Beck[/VIDEO]

    The Spectrum was based on this Jackson that was built for Jeff Beck. And i remember reading an interview with him where he said he really disliked that guitar.

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