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Thread: Operation blackout + restore are complete!

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    Operation blackout + restore are complete!

    The results are in! The SE looks incredible with black hardware!

    The pickups work quite well in this guitar. I have a J S Moore Black Widow in the bridge with a V-1 in the neck. I get stellar lead and rhythm tones using the bridge pickup, and in the split position I can get some more tones out of it as well. The V-1 is very much a full, thick vintage sounding neck pickup. The neck pickup now sounds like a healthy, 12lb les paul and gives some nice tones when split as well.

    Eric had a tusq XL nut and Gibson pickup rings on hand, which he also installed for me. The process of blacking out the hardware on this guitar is finished!

    I hope to get clips for you guys soon (Aaron, wanna jam?).

    Eric also set up my #1 guitar, the one that started it all (and subsequently the only electric I have not sold).

    I present to you, my early 90's Squier Affinity Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red!

    I need to take full body shots of her, I know.

    The family:

    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD): www.sparrows613.com

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    I was expecting Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    The guitars look really nice
    The Industrialist

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    ME: PRS Custom 22
    Rig: JCM800

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    I figure a few people were


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    Looks good

    Nice collection, too

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    Nice! Now you need a black trem on your SE

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    You know, I half expected ALL the hardware to be black. Sperzels FTW! Enjoy that tuning stability. Should bring it by my place sometime. I should have the rig cabled up by the weekend!
    Dances With Cables.

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    Lookin' sexy, bra.
    Making metal every night and day.

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