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Thread: All about guitar strings

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    All about guitar strings

    i did a search, and nothing came up so i thought i make a thread about strings.

    a lot of people, mostly beginners i think, dont really care too much of strings. i guess the general guitarists thinks the tone comes from the pickups and amp etc... however, if you compare two guitars, one being a higher end and the other a lower end, with the same pickups and wood, you'll notice the higher end one has better tone and warmth all because of better quality wood.

    a lot of the tone will come from the wood, depending on good quality, bad quality etc... and also the type of fretboard wood you have. maple gives a brighter attack, while rosewood gives a more warmer tone, and ebony:
    i've been told that ebony is a more durable wood, being harder, so it's
    more suited for metal because of a crisp sound you can get out of it.
    rosewood, is softer so you can actually manipulate your sound better.
    again, this is what i was told. your thoughts?

    anyways; a lot of general people do not take strings and picks into consideration.
    stuff i heard about ligher gauge strings;

    easy to use
    easy on bending
    you can shred... faster
    brighter sound
    better for leads

    it's easier to get a buzzing nose
    sometimes even rattle
    people claim to play sloppier on lighter gauge

    i dont play heavier gauge, but i am going to move up just to see whats up.
    i've heard;

    play cleaner
    more bottom end
    tighter attack

    more stress on fingers
    lose on speed if you're used to lower gauge strings
    more difficult to bend

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    If you plan on changing strings one thing you can try is take some notes on different packs. Keep the empty pack and write the date of when you put them, when you took them off, and just some notes on how you thought they sound. Try a bunch of sets and then look at your notes and decide which is best for you. For my electrics i use Beefy Slinky(11-54) on stop tailpiece, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom(10-52) on floyds. Both being in drop C. I've tried abunch of different brands and Ernie Ball works for me. They aren't amazing but i never brake them. Also i work at a music store so i get them for about 4 bucks a pack.

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    I over-bend on light strings. It totally screws with me, although wide vibrato is super fun.
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    Strings are good.....They allow my guitars to make noise

    No really, I stepped up from .09's to .10's about 3 years ago. When you first step up in gauges of course it will be a bit awkward and maybe slow you down a little but you get used to it. I feel more in control of my bends with the bigger gauge and the low end is definitely punchier. I absolutely LOVE brand new strings! So I maybe change em out quicker than most. When I record something, I make sure they are at least close to new. I've been a D'Addario guy forever seems like..For me, they last the longest. But that's just me.

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    I prefer thicker strings, I hate thin strings.

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    I use 10s on my charvel, for 80s widdlywoop (E), 10-52s on my ibanez, for general fuckyesstitude, and rockin out (E, 11-54 for Eb), 11-48s on my strat, for bluesier shits, and 13-63s (62?) on my tele in either C or B, for sludgecountry rickshaw ridin rip tootin riffin.

    You guys should hear Roy at anderson start in when you order 9s as the stock strings on an anderson, lots of harassment

    I agree with him
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    When i had my Schecters, I had my Loomis strung 9-65, and my Hellraiser strung 10-72... in standard. on 26.5"
    I play bass in a band called Weaponlord.

    I also play bass in a band called Northern Crown.

    I used to play bass in a band called Faethom.

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    Thick strings are yes. That is all.

    ... Really though, I actually use a custom light gauge currently since it was all I could get, although with the opportunity to get much thicker strings, I'm going right for that.

    You can't deny 'em. You gotta like 'em GIRTHY. Thicker strings = raw POWER! GRRR!

    ... <_<

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