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    NGD, finally

    I havent been playing much lately, just band practice once a week, hardly ever at home. kinda burnt out on allot of stuff, super busy, blah blah

    Then a change of focus came around, and now i'm super pumped to play, all the time! to reward myself, and new gear always helps new tunes, i took a trip to the local shop.

    Didnt really have much in my mind that i was looking for, just knew some of what i'd need it for, and my dealer introduced me to my new drug. immediately wrapped it up and took it home

    Epi Les Paul Plus Top PRO/FX. a LP with a floyd? full of epicness. This thing plays awesome! it's a big change going from my normal baritone prs with blackouts, but it's a nice change. ALthough the pups might get changed out, we'll see after i get a bit more time into it. and I forgot how heavy these mothers were though, damn!

    I'll snag some more pics later, when i'm done playing more

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    Sweet. I was hoping that oneof those would come out when Gibson Released the 4 grand "Custom" thing

    Nice grab though man

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    Location: Moncton, NB, Canada
    ME: Sterling JP100
    Rig: 11r

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    thanks! didnt cost anywhere near 4grand either! haha. now, to learn to use the bridge again (been fixed bridge for half a decade now, lol) and install a killswitch

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    Looks like the guitar that Neal Schonn plays in live from Manila that They keeps showing on paladia.
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