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Thread: NGD x2: Holdsworth fanboy-ism

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    NGD x2: Holdsworth fanboy-ism

    Just got this early '90s Steinberger GM2S today. I've been wanting one of these for awhile. Holdsworth frequently plays the "paddle-shaped" little GL4, but I like the strat-shaped ones a little better.

    Sorry for the picture quality, but my wife has the decent camera with her today and I'm reduced to snapping pics with the iPhone.

    And here is the "x2" part. I got this Carvin H2 in December but had to have some fretwork done on it. It's a helluva player, now. Also the first time I haven't been tempted to yank the stock Carvin pickups after five minutes. It's almost scary how "Holdsworthian" this guitar sounds.

    I really haven't had enough time on either guitar to give a detailed review. The trem on the Steinberger is fantastic, and the Wilkinson on the Carvin works pretty damned good, too.

    For me, the Steinberger is a lot more comfortable to play. Even after moving the strap button to the upper horn, the Carvin sits much the way an SG does (reflecting what Holdsworth likes), but the neck on this guitar sticks out further than on an SG, so I'm always unconsciously pushing the body back away from me in order to have my center of gravity sitting closer to the middle of the fretboard. It's slightly neck-heavy, but not enough to cause a problem.

    The necks on both guitars are fantastic; flat-ish fretboards and fairly thick profiles on both. Not for the Ibanez fan...

    The Steinberger has dual EMG-85s, and they're sounding pretty good on this guitar with the maple body. If I do a swap, I'll probably keep it active and try the Duncan Vintage Live Wires, which are Alnico II-based.

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    Yes! The H2 is one of my favourite guitars, my guitar teacher has one and I always enjoy playing it.

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    Nice haul! I like both those guitars a lot. Those strat shape GM Steinbergers are probably my favourite shape from them. I've also been digging the holdsworth carvin, I like the headstock shape on them. A friend of my drummer has one and it's supposed to be amazing.

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    Yeah, the Carvin sounds amazing. It's basically a semi-hollow without sound holes. It is as loud acoustically as my Heritage Millennium semi-hollow. However, the 25.5" scale and smaller body give the Carvin a tighter sound than you typically get on semi-hollows. It's not the ideal metal guitar, but I'll bet you could get away with it in any situation where you'd use a PRS.

    I refused to get one for a long time because I hadn't liked the sound of the only one I'd played before. That one, however, had a maple cap, which is just all wrong if you're trying to get that lush Holdsworth sound. A lot of Carvin owners seem to order guitars based more on looks than on sound--hence all of the figured maple caps on their models that are already bright-sounding to begin with. This is a stock H2 with an alder neck & body, which is an unusual combo that seems to work very well.

    On his Carvins, Allan swapped the 500k pots for 250k to cut down on the high end, but I prefer to have a little more 'snap' in my sound than he does, so the 500k pots work for me. This guitar does NOT have that teeth-grindingly bright sound that the Carvin DC models have.

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    That steinburger is hot, nice haul.

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    Is the lower cutaway always that deep on the Steinberger? For some reason, I don't remember the fret access being that open?
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    Large amounts of approval x2.

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    i'v been lusting after one of those carvins for a while. and headless is always win
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