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Thread: NGD IIII : RGR465m.

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    NGD IIII : RGR465m.

    So I enter this small guitar shop right next to the big one I go to occasionally…
    Just out of curiosity. I think I went there once, 10 years ago.

    Something draws my attention right away on the wall... What?!? A reverse-headstock maple-fretboard Ibanez? WTF?!?

    Could not believe it. These are not even available in America as they're just a european limited edition model. Find out it's a demo. It doesn't have the Dimarzio pickups it usually comes with... Needless to say I got it for a good price. My first “new” guitar from a local store / not on the internet in 4 years.

    I love the way the good old 565 looks and I've always wanted Ibanez to come up with a reverse-headstock + maple fretboard + H+S pickups config since the end of the rg565. Old 565 are the shit, but they're so rare... And I only really like the red one compared to the green or blue one.

    - The Wizard II neck on it is not the same wizard II that can be found on recent models. It's definitely rounder and C-shaped than D-Shaped and it doesn't have the freaking "square-ish" shoulders. Really like the profile, although it's not as thin as the original 565's necks.

    - Edge III doesn't get much love, but i'm not a trem abuser... If I keep this one around long enough, I will switch it for a black OFR fo sure.

    - Frets ends are bad. Really. I need to get them polished. I'll probably do that at the same time I'll change the pickups. Problem is I just put a set of Elixirs on it.

    Pics! (Iphone... Will try better ones when I get some time)

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    That. Guitar. Is. HOT.

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    Well done sir! That brings you up to two awesome H/S guitars.
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    Yup, I'd have walked out with it too.

    You WILL end up throwing the Edge III in the trash. :\

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    Location: Montreal / QC. / CAN.
    ME: ESP Maverick
    Rig: 6505~(some pedals)~Orange

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    hot dude. love the red inlays
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    That looks sweet.
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