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Thread: NGD - Epiphone '58 Korina

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    NGD - Epiphone '58 Korina

    I've passed this by a few times but always liked the looks. Decided to play it and man, it's a great playing and sounding guitar.

    The Korina wood is perfect - even unplugged you can hear a nice tone and feel the notes through the body. Set neck so the sustain is very good as well. Plugged in the tones available range from heavy metal to crunchy classic rock to SRV style blues. About the only genre it doesn't do well is Jazz.

    GREAT guitar. Posting from my iPhone so only have one pic, but you can tel it's a beauty:

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    I've thought about grabbing one of those

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    If you get a good one, those are *fantastic* guitars. Arguably better than the Gibson Explorers; lighter, prettier, and at half to a third of the price.
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    Kai Hansen was using the Epiphone Korina V on a couple recent tours. Never played one, but they do seem nice

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    I had one when I first started playing guitar, right after my Ibanez and Jackson RR3 phase, and I loved it when I had it. Not sure what it was that made me get rid of it, but I miss it now down the road. Luckily it got sold to this cool rocker chick who, as far as I know, is still giving it a good home.

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