AmpliTube iRig vs Peavey AmpKit LiNK vs. Griffin GuitarConnect Cable vs. ?????

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Thread: AmpliTube iRig vs Peavey AmpKit LiNK vs. Griffin GuitarConnect Cable vs. ?????

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    AmpliTube iRig vs Peavey AmpKit LiNK vs. Griffin GuitarConnect Cable vs. ?????

    Has anybody actually tried the AmpliTube iRig, Peavey AmpKit LiNK or Griffin GuitarConnect Cable or any thing else that will connect a guitar to an iPod/iPhone/iPad?

    I'm seeing mixed reviews for the Peavey AmpKit LiNK and Griffin GuitarConnect Cable, but I'm also seeing reviews that have stated they've switched from the AmpliTube to the Peavey or Griffin, which to me means there's something "unsatisfactory" with the iRig, that's not showing-up in reviews; however, the only thing I can track-down is that it seems to be an issue with crosstalk (feedback) when using high-gain models with headphones that need the device's output volume turned-up to get decent volume.


    P.S. OK, found some negative reviews of the iRig -- Yup, the problem is the crosstalk/output volume.

    EDIT: Some of the other options:
    • Sonoma WireWorks GuitarJack
    • RapcoHorizon i-BLOX
    • PRS GearBud
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    I have the iRig and it works really well except for recording and mixing together tracks. All the gain and feedback gets added together and you get too much screeching noise with heavy distortion fx on the tracks. Hardly surprising since these are not professional recording/mixing tools by any stretch.

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    IRig has been working fine for me for awhile. I've got it on the iPad and iPod. You don't have to use the iRig device. You can use the Ampkit iLink with Amplitube. I thought Ampkit (the software) sounded grainy and fizzy, whereas Amplitube sounds more natural.
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    I bought the irig and returned it and bought the ampkit. The ampkit iLink is powered, and has much less feedback because of that. I have both apps on my iphone, and I'll use the amplitube one for stuff that doesn't require a lot of gain, and then use the Peavey version for the dirt. I haven't bought any additional amps or pedals yet, but I'm really just using it as a practice tool. But for me, it's the ampkit iLink all the way - sounds better and $10 cheaper.

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    I have both the Ampkit link and the iRig and I prefer the Ampkit link as a whole you do get less feedback and I think the tone is a little better using it. i definitely prefer the Ampkit. The high gain tones kick Amplitube's ass in my opinion and there are a lot more amps to choose from and buy in Ampkit. The advantage Amplitube has is that you can upgrade to a four track recorder to flush out ideas and arrangements and it has a looper so you can slow down a particular passage if you are trying to learn it.

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    I think the AmpKit app seriously outperforms Amplitube.

    Concerning hardware i have both, I would say the AmpKit link is better signal-wise being powered and all but the iRig has better build quality. My first AmpKit link was DOA and the second one works but has some issues with some of my guitar cables...

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    I'm glad there is more than one of these on the market. Competition will keep them both improving. Last year a major update to the AmpliTube app added all the features (and stompboxes) that were missing that I was aching for, and all because--I feel--the AmpKit was out there keeping the pressure on.

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    I am leaning towards the AmpKit for the lack of crosstalk. I am also considering the CEntrance AxePort Pro. This seems like a really nice device however because it gets its power via a USB connection that seems to make it unportable. Which is important for me for traveling purposes. Has anyone used this yet?

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