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Thread: NPGN!!! (New purple guitar night)

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    NPGN!!! (New purple guitar night)

    Just made a trade and aquired this sweetness. It's like brand new. Haven't even got to play it yet since my wife is sick and I don't want to piss her off, but I imagine it will sound as good as it looks.

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    Damnit man... that is pure awesome!

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    Heaping pile of win, sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Heaping pile of win, sir.
    Even though it's not black and doesn't have a handle?

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    Hell yes dude! Please, please, please let me know how it plays, and how it stacks up to..say..prestige line Ibanez or something.

    I really want to get a JPX 7, and everyone that has gotten one hasn't commented on how the JPX line plays!!!

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    That black hardware on purple sparkles gets the rose. Nice guitar!

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    I was expecting eye-gorging purple

    Congrats on a sweet guitar nonetheless!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    ME: Washburn N7
    Rig: Peavey 5150

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    Well I finally got to spend some time with it and it's fantastic. The only thing I wasn't a fan of at first was the 5 way blade, but after playing it I am a convert. It is much more versatile than the regular Petrucci switching. In a weird way this guitar reminds me of the Parker Fly Mojo I used to own, just with all the things I didn't like about the Fly fixed. It feels as exotic as the Fly yet is much more traditional at the same time. The peizo sounds amazing. I think the chambered body helps that greatly, but IMO the tone is much thicker and better suited to me than the Fly. The lead tone is fantastic, just as good or better than the rosewood neck JP6 I had and that guitar sounded fantastic. I need more time with it, but it is friggin amazing.

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