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Thread: NGD & pickup suggestions needed (single coil & humbucker)

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    NGD & pickup suggestions needed (single coil & humbucker)

    A few weeks late, but better late than never. Anyway, I bought this ESP LTD ST-203FR from Drumcityguitarland & holy shit! Everyone needs to order one of these before ESP realizes what a steal these are!

    I love 22-fret maple fretboard superstrats & although my Charvel San Dimas is pretty sick, I have some gigs & upcoming career opportunites where I really needed something more vintage that had middle & neck single coils. The ESP looks & feels like a well-loved 40 yr old vintage strat. This neck is like buttah. Even the stock pups are really nice & totally usable, but I'll be upgrading for my own personal preference. Plus, since the sucker already has that well-loved appearance, I plan to use this a heavy modding platform. New pups, 500K tone pot, possible ridiculous paint job, etc.
    On to specs & pics....

    Bolt-On Construction
    25.5" Scale
    Alder Body
    Maple Neck
    Maple Fingerboard
    42mm Locking Nut
    Thin U Neck Contour
    22 XJ Frets
    Nickel Hardware
    ESP Tuners
    Floyd Rose Special Bridge
    ESP LH-150 (B) / LS-120 (M & N) p.u.
    Finish: Distressed BLK
    Master Volume
    5-Way Switch
    Master Tone

    For the bridge, I'm looking for something ala 1978 Van Halen (c'mon, this is a floyd rose equipped, maple fretboard strat afterall). I'm looking for that "Brown Sound," yet with possibility a bit more aggression. I do a lot of whammy shit ala EVH & Dimebag, so I want harmonics to LEAP off the fretboard w/ zero effort.
    My top contenders are the following, but I'm completely open to suggestions & your thoughts....
    EVH Frankenstein Humbucker
    SD Custom SH-5
    SD Custom Custom SH-11
    SD '78 Model
    Dimarzio Super Distortion, PAF 36th Anniversary, PAF Pro (no individual links)

    Now as for single coils, I'm clueless as to models, but I know what I want soundwise. The middle pickup would be used exclusively for 2nd & 4th split poisitons. For the neck, I want that glassy SRV, Hendrix, Trower tone, but with a touch more output to match up with the bridge humbucker. Ah yes, and it has to be humcancelling. Fender only sells Texas Specials in a 3-pack & they sound great, but aren't humcancelling, so I'm fucked there. I wonder if those new Dimarzio Paul Gilbert Injectors would be a good candidate. Anyway, hook a brother up!

    And just for the heck of it, here are a few of my kids....

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    How do you like that alder body compared to say..mahogany or swamp ash or basswood?

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    Well, they are all different. Alder & Swamp ash are the strat sound. Most of my guitars are Alder & Basswood bodies, so guess where my preferences lie?

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    I have a Dimarzio AT1, and 2 Virtual Solos in my Charvel Mutt, sounds awesome for most things, from blues to rock to 80's metal, and the singles hold up fine next to the bridge hum.

    I know Drew has 2 of the DiM Heavy Blues models in the neck and bridge with the same bridge pickup, in "The Strat".

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    ME: PRS / Gibson
    MA: Yamaha
    MB: Jazz 6-string
    Rig: EVH 5150iii 50w

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    ^ I was hoping you'd chime in!
    Per the Dimarzio site:
    the AT-1 is the same patented technology as the PAF® 36th Anniversary, but the sound is hotter and the focus is rock.
    May be a viable candidate & if the PAF 36th is good enough for Dave Murray....

    Do you think the AT-1 & Virtual Solos would be what I'm looking for given the specific sounds/charactaristics I'm after?

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    The virtual solos are a bit more middy and hot than the average single coil. Still really clean and stratty sounding, IMO, but I was never a big strat guy.

    The AT-1 is fucking awesome, I'm still tempted to swap one into my purple Charvel. Its very much like a Breed and a PAF had abasterd kid.
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    I have GAS for that same model.. Maple fretboard Floyd. H-S-S. The price seems right and Like you said could always repaint one if I got it

    Any possible clips of it? like Youtube video or something?

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    Stop calling it an ESP. It's an LTD. It's like saying Check out my Fender Squier.

    That said, I loved the Timmons pickups in the Drewster's strat.

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