NGD: Jackson KE-2 Ghostbusters Slimed edition (56k...look out, it's got a knife!)

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Thread: NGD: Jackson KE-2 Ghostbusters Slimed edition (56k...look out, it's got a knife!)

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    NGD: Jackson KE-2 Ghostbusters Slimed edition (56k...look out, it's got a knife!)

    So, after many trials and tribulations at the USA/Canadian border wondering if this guitar was actually painted in Ghostbusters Slime paint and perhaps radioactive, it finally made it's way to my door (well, more like I had to go to UPS's door to fucking pick it up because I paid my import duty on it over the phone the week before but they don't let the local UPS hub know and the driver flat out refused to give me the guitar yesterday even with a receipt from UPS showing paid......but I digress.)

    Let us look at the lovely Jackson Kelly KE-2 USA custom. I wish the hardware was gold but again, much digression...

    Also got myself a brand new Roland GR-55 guitar synth in another trade. Should be fun to mess around with.

    SO! Now we await mid to late June for 3 Carvin customs a comin' (Did I ever give you guys the clues to what I'm getting? Here ya go!

    1. Koa
    2. Spalted
    3. Dragonburst

    All hopefully will be great. This CS6 is friggin' heaven to play) annnnnnd
    about 8 or 9 guitars to still get rid of. Have a JCustom on the 'bay with no reserve just languishing at 1500 and change. Breaks my heart.

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    Nice. I approve.

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    Good God!!!!!!!!!

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    Love it!

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    That looks fantastic. That finish is awesome.

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    Jack is your real name Lee

    Nice score man!

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    wow, i love green guitars!

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    No gold, the chrome is pretty tits as is

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