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Thread: NGD: KxK Sii-8 8 scale

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    NGD: KxK Sii-8 8 scale

    Even if both my arms fell off, Iīd still keep it, so back off

    You all know this one, the proto type pictured on Robs site: Sii8_8scale

    So what to say?
    You can try pry it from my dead cold hands!

    It is amazing, a beautiful and ingenious work of art.
    Letīs go through this slowly step for step:

    I love the fact that Rob ships his guitars in the G&G cases, that just sums up the whole impression of a professional instrument.
    While the guitar is a baritone scale with an inline headstock with 8 tuners, the case is still very handy and doesnīt look much larger than an average case.
    If Iīm not wrong itīs custom made for Robs guitars so the interior is shaped for a tight fit and the guitar is unable to move inside it.

    Lifting it out of the case for the first time I immediately was pleasantly surprised of how light it was considering it is an 8 string.
    Now, Iīve never ever touched an 8 string guitar before so what do I know

    My mother in law said it was a piece of art, she loved the lines of it and I truly believe that even people that donīt have any special interest or knowledge of guitars can see and understand that this is more than just the Average Joe of guitars.
    Of course, they wouldnīt know anything about playability or the more technical aspects, but the choices of material and the shaping and finish shows it off as something above average.

    Originally Rob planned to dress it up in all red with matching pickup bobbins too, but since I was into this particular guitar before it was finished I decieded to go for black.
    I think the black makes a great contrast to the red body, and I donīt know how red bobbins would have turned out. I was afraid that they would have been a bit to plastic looking, but Rob uses the more rustic and cool bobbins so Iīm sure it would have looked great. Still, Iīm glad I chose black.

    Anyway, I did go for red tuners and bridge plate and while I can understand that the red tuners may not please everybody I think it turned out great.
    Itīs a cool little detail, so is the bridge plate.
    I even like the shape of the truss rod cover.
    And the logo.
    And the volute.
    And I really love Robs reverse inline headstock, in an 8 string version itīs a monster though. But a good monster.

    It balances perfectly, Chris Broderick would love it.
    Putting the strap on the horn and holding it, it will tilt nicely upwards, tells you that this is a thougthful design.
    Fret acces you say?
    Itīs like neverending, you could easily put a couple more frets on there.
    The sculpting of the lower horn helps you reach the 24th fret on the lowest string too, another prove of great design.
    And of course, the lower horn isnīt just a great design for functionality, but it looks bad ass too

    Neck and fretboard, wow do they look great together! The board has a very nice flame to it and maybe the nicest part of a flamed maple fretboard is at the side where it meets the neck. And since the neck here is an oiled mahogany neck it is a match made in heaven, believe it or not, it looks pure gold. Or something. So for anyone having a guitar built with flame maple neck, donīt add binding!!
    Oiled neck, another feature that I applaud, feels great and looks even greater.
    Equipped with stainless steel frets and the fretwork is top notch from my point of view. No sharp ends here.

    I went for a ceramic bridge pup 14,7k and Alnico V 11,5k at the neck.
    Ten points to whoever figures out wich model they are based on.
    I feel I can get a good variety of sounds out of it, I especially like the middle position.
    Pots and switch are placed nicely away but within reach, making another plus for good design.
    Unplugged it appears as very resonant and lively.

    As mentioned before Iīve never played an 8 string before, it is a niche market after all.
    That certainly goes for the fanned frets too, wich also is a new experience for me.
    This is my first KxK, but Iīm happy to say that I have one of the 7 scales on order. For the seven I ordered the carve1, but I must say that the carve2 is sweet. It has a very sleek look to it, way thinner than I thought, hopefully you should be able to get a perspective of it from the pics.

    I was excited to try fanned frets and must say that it feels effortlessly and isnīt hard to adjust to at all. Itīs an easier transition than to 8 strings actually.

    So, on to the pics right?

    Oh, the finish..
    I donīt think Iīm able to get this captured on camera, īcause itīs something of its own.
    It has a trans red finish over mahogany, and a marbelize effect with some pearls to it. Turning this guitar in the right light makes the finish appear 3-dimensional, it is the coolest thing Iīve seen.
    And what makes it so cool is that itīs a very subtle and not overdone thing. It could easily be tacky, but instead classy is the word.

    Ok, here we go, I guess you skipped the text anyway

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    Oh wow

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    Shit man, that is sweet.

    I love the flame on that fretboard. It looks like it would be comfortable as hell to play.

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    Looks great! I like it. The reversed headstock must be great for the lower tunings too. /COW
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Sexy guitar! And a person that has a fan fret KxK 7 I think you'll like it just as much. Makes playing the guitar feel natural.
    He conquers who endures. -Persius

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    Yup, that's awesome.

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    Noice! Great matching hardware.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    Holy shit! Congrats!

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