My band has been using 7 and 8 strings only for the last 2 years or so. I've been loaning out my 7 strings to the other guitarist (also my twin brother!) since then while I use my Intrepid. I finally managed to convince him to get his own and this Washburn came up for cheap so we picked it up yesterday. We went halves on the guitar, something we've been doing for a years but he's planning on buying my half back later on.
It's not a bad guitar, it plays nicely enough right now. I'm planning on giving it a full clean, oil and setup tomorrow with new strings so it should be nicer then. The finish is in good shape, no dings.
It's got the Invader 7 in the bridge right now and the stock neck pickup. I've got a BKP coldsweat 7 that might go into the bridge depending on how he likes the Invader. I'm thinking I might go for an Air Norton or liquifire in the neck as I want to try those out.
All going well with the setup, this will be put through it's paces on Tuesday for a gig.

Anyway here's a few pictures. One of the guitar and a group shot with my other sevens.