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Thread: In the market for my first SG type

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    In the market for my first SG type

    I have finally decided to give in and get my first SG. I've wanted one since before I stated playing guitar about 10 years ago (damn I'm getting old.) My only problem is that I'm not too familiar with most Gibson offerings.

    I really like their 60s neck, but they don't offer it on too many guitars anymore. I remember, about 5 years ago I almost bought a used SG Supreme with that neck, but it sold the day before I had the cash for it. Probably my biggest regret in music gear losses. Are there any other models of SG that have that wonderful neck and humbuckers that aren't the $2000 61 reissues? I can't swing that kind of cash at the moment, and I wanna try and stick to used. Should I bother trying to find a standard profile neck I like? Would I be better off looking for a Viper with passives? If your suggestion comes in blue, it would be icing on the cake.

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    A few years ago I (stupidly) traded in my SG Faded Special (The limited edition with moon inlays and ebony board). They go for about $600 on eBay, and play, and sound amazing! The oil finish on them is a thing of beauty. The newer SG Faded Specials are nowhere NEAR as nice. The special editions were actually left over Gibson "Gothic" series guitars with red oil finishes.
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    i was actually looking at an old Gothic that some one has for cheap. I really like the idea of ebony FBs on Gibsons as that is tough to find in the non LPCs. I've been keeping an eye out for that era special faded also.

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    There's a dude who's got both a Goth LP and a regular SG Special in black. Price seems right so maybe send him a PM?

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    Edit : In terms of the blue with ebony, it's doubtful you'll find it as the only Gibsons I've seen with ebony boards are the Goths or maybe the really expensive models, so you'd either shell out a fortune at the start of be in for a refinish
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    It's tough to find SGs with the slim profile neck. Even the '61 Reissues seem to have thicker necks than the SG Supreme did.

    What is your budget, roughly speaking? There are usually several SG Supremes on eBay at any given moment, and the '61 Reissues typically sell for around $1,200 used. I would warn you that the SG Supreme is ridiculously neck-heavy.

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    I had an epi SG and hated it. The balance on it w/ strap was aweful.

    IMO, Play one with a strap before you pick one up.
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    FWIW I've never played an SG with good balance.

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    Rig: Randall RM50

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    MFB, I've been on contact with him but I've yet to get some responses to my last batch of questions. The prices are really good also if the condition is as good as advertised.

    The strap balance can be dealt with. Moving the button helps a lot on them. I've yet to pick up an SG without neck drop issues though. Vipers are a little better as the body is thicker. I've got no problems with them either, and I know I love ESP/ltd necks.

    I really don't want to spend more than about $800 if I don't have to, which cuts out supremes, and used 61RIs. I can deal without the ebony and blue honestly, they just would be nice touches. I have actually been toying with the idea of getting the 60s tribute model and refinishing it, routing it for buckers, and throwing a modern pick guard on it to hide my horrible routing job.

    Any word when the new Melody Maker series starts shipping? They have a different neck profile according to the website, come in blue, and are well within my price limit new. And AMS has them on their site now which means I could do installment payments.
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