Looking to buy a new axe.

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Thread: Looking to buy a new axe.

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    Looking to buy a new axe.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new guitar. Initially I posted this in a thread over at ultimate guitar but I figure you guys may know a bit better, as this forum seems more dedicated to the type of thing I'm after:

    'I'm in the market for a new guitar. A bit about myself:

    I like mainly metal. I like playing Bodom where I can, some Behemoth, Metallica, Lamb of God... a weeny bit of Slayer, that sort of thing.

    but at the same time it's nice to bust out a bit of softer Metallica and I like, (for example) playing Come Clarity by In Flames.

    So that sets the scene for the stuff I'm playing.

    Current Guitar: Jackson RR5 (Korean made). It's a great guitar, but I want an Ebony fingerboard and 24 frets. I want to keep the flying V shape though, ideally the Rhoads shape. I want an EXTREMELY low action, like almost touching the frets low without any of the buzz, and I know that that can cost serious money to get a guitar like that. I got my Jackson set up by a top notch luthier but it simply won't sit mega mega low without a bit of buzz although it has certainly improved the feel.

    Guitar I have my eye on: ESP Alexi-Blacky... I believe this 2500 dollars (might be getting one when I go to Los Angeles/New York in July), but I am hearing that this is an inflated price for a signature model... or is it?

    Would I be OK in buying this or is there another guitar that you wonderful, sexy readers know about that blows the Alexi-Blacky out of the water? It doesn't have to be ESP necessarily, but I hear good things about them and Jackson for the style of guitar I want. Price range around 2000 to 2500. Or perhaps nothing is that much vastly better and I should just get the Blacky? Don't be afraid to suggest anything!

    Thanks SO much in advance guys!'

    The vast majority of responses lean toward me getting an RR24. I didn't realise that the mark up for a signature model was so high; the RR24 is less than half the price of the ESP sig. Problem is, I played an RR24 and didn't really like it, but maybe I need to play a USA made RR24 (as they are Jackson after all).

    Someone suggested the SVII... not a fan of the camo but colours aren't a big deal to me. This is definitely something want to try out. Question is, is there anything that is better, dollar for dollar than either the RR24 or the SVII around the 2000-2500 dollar mark, or should I just stick to testing out the blacky, rr24 and svII? Naturally I don't want to aimlessly waste money if I can just spend like 1800 on the SVII for example, but I figure if I have up to 2500 (at the very most), and can get something that is clearly better, I should.

    Note that I am intending on buying a guitar when I go on holiday to LA in July, so if anyone knows any great ESP/Jackson (or other) dealers in LA, that would be awesome to hear too!

    Thanks so much in advance guys!

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    Fully loaded JP6?

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    checked out the music man, but ideally fancy an ebony board and am keen to keep the V shape unless another guitar I don't know about is drastically better than any V shaped ebony boarded guitar dollar for dollar. I will check out the KXK in a minute.

    also just noticed the ESP NV but am now hearing ESP are just overpriced across the board.... anyone know how that would compare to the Jackson RR24 or the ESP SV-II?.. or if it's even worth it for what it is?

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    EBMM JPX or JPXI. They have the ebony board.

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    -If you absolutely need 24 frets 99% of Jackson Rhoads are immediately out of the question. You will be looking at either an RR24 or a CS. Are you open to symmetrical V shapes?

    -Learn to not sweat buzz as much. I'm also a guy who's super anal about buzz, but I'm learning to be more reasonable on it. Simply put there are very few guitars that don't buzz a little bit with a "metal" setup (low action) if you are hitting them moderately hard. If you really want to nip fret buzz in the butt you have to drop serious money on fretwork (or get a super expensive guitar with SUPERB fretwork) and learn to play with a lighter touch. If its not affecting sustain and its not coming through the amp you are golden. :thu:

    -RR5s are MIJ

    -2.5k isn't worth it for an ESP Blackie IMO. I'm of the opinion that a lot of ESP/LTD stuff is overrated/overpriced but I know a lot of guys like them. For 2.5k though you could get a really nice used CS Jackson Rhoads (of which there are some 24 fret variants out there). Hell you could even put in a CS quote yourself.

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    ESP and Jackson have comparable pricing; they both have good deals and things which are absolutely ridiculous but ESP has more ridiculous ones because they have about 100 times as many models

    A Jackson USA RR24 would be a custom shop so expect to pay a lot for it. I haven't played a Signature Series Alexi model but the RR24 is a pretty nice guitar, they were more competitively priced before but whatever.

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    well i live in london and at the moment i think im looking at either the ESP SV-II which I'm not wildly keen on, but I'm also thinking of going to an independent custom shop based about 2.5 hours drive from me here in England. The dude is known as Daemoness.

    The annoying thing is I have to go there just to try some of his stuff out to see if I want it at all, then I have to wait 10 months.

    A lot of people have suggested I go custom for the money...

    A lot of people say I can get awesome second hand for the money too, but if I'm being honest I feel a bit wary of getting a good second hand axe... where would be a good place to get one from? An independent dealer? I'm not sure I'd spot a good fake until after I'd bought one and a few hours in, realise that it's not quite right or is falling apart or something, (even after testing it at first of course!)

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