Swapping pickups on my PRS Custom 24?

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Thread: Swapping pickups on my PRS Custom 24?

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    Swapping pickups on my PRS Custom 24?


    I own a Custom 24 and thought recently about swapping the pickups for bkp's.
    I'm actually ok with the tone itself, but I feel the pickups lack output and dont feel that
    good for shred stuff, could be also related to their voicing when I think about it.

    The thing is I like alot the splitted sounds, and I'm not sure if bkp's would work that well for that guitar in that aspect - any experience, thoughts?

    You're also welcome to recommend a set that you think compliments the custom 24, I dont want a really high output pickup, but something that would be more suited to shred stuff,
    could use more low end and more chunk to the low mids too.


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    The more asymmetrically-wound BKPs split exceptionally well. For example, the VHII, Rebel Yell, Nailbomb... I can't comment on what to put in your specific guitar, but a Nailbomb is basically a rip-snorting version of a PAF with plenty of articulation and low-end chunk.
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    If you are using the rotary switch make sure you tell them that. They'll need to reverse the polarity on the neck pickup or you'll need to flip the neck pickup from it's usual orientation when you install it.
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    +1 For Nailbomb bridge .....and try a Painkiller neck....it's a killer combo..You won't ever need anything else

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    It currently has the rotary switch but I wanna mod it to have a 3 way switch and 2 push\pulls, is it possible to do that without changing the sounds I'm getting from the rotary switch? logicvally I dont see a problem but I've heard something about that before.

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    If you want to keep the same sounds as the rotary then keep the rotary. That switch gives some unique tones like split humbuckers in series. Sounds like this might a pain to get with push pulls and a three way.

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    more opinions?

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    The HFS actually has a heck of a lot of output. Just may be the voicing you don't like. I honestly wasn't that crazy about them in the Cu24 I had either. I put a set of WCR Godwoods in my Cu22 and they are absolutely fantastic. Not super hot but fat and full of ballsy tone and harmonics. Probably the best set of pickups I have ever played. Not sure if they would do the shred thing as well as you like, but I love em. However a set starts at $385. Even pricier than BKP's.

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