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Thread: NGD - Big Blue (AJC content)

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    NGD - Big Blue (AJC content)

    Yes that's right folks, I bought it back. Andrew was good to deal with, and I got a smokin' guitar at a smokin' price.

    Hear it here:

    quick specs:
    one-piece honduran mahogany body
    three-piece hard maple neck
    25" scale
    22 frets
    Gibson '59 profile (-1.00mm)
    MoP Trapezoid inlays
    JB/'59 pickups (Getting swapped out later, killin' it for now)
    Figured maple cap
    Contoured heel and upper bout
    Handmade in Timmins Ontario

    This guitar originally had black knobs, then white knobs, and now chrome knobs. Black pickup rings are on the list.


    You'll be able to hear this guitar on the Arkham Dispatch album due this September!

    (special thanks to Aaron for taking these quick pics)
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    Is that the exact guitar you sold before, or just the same model?

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    Exact same guitar. There's only 1

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    I still don't know why the fuck you let that thing go in the first place

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    It's gorgeous but the (originally $4K) Hamer it was being traded for was a bit nicer. Hamer USA guitars are damn near flawless!

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    Who's the goofy looking guy wearing your guitar in the last picture?

    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Definitely a solid and beautiful guitar

    And I'm now GASing hard for a 6534+.

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