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Thread: Lefty metal guitar recommendations

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    Lefty metal guitar recommendations

    I am currently looking for a new high end metal guitar, but me being left handed limits my options.

    some options i have come across are the DBZ bird of prey, a couple Ibanez models, I put in a custom quote with RAN today and have no idea when it will be in, also ESP has great stuff but no longer makes lefties and has like a 7k minimum in their custom shop.

    i'd like a tremolo, 24 jumbo or extra jumbo frets, emg 85/81's and a nice appearance.

    if anyone could help me out in my search that would be great. don't about pricing.

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    Nobody will be surprised by me recommending this

    Lefties are available at no extra charge

    Sii7 7 string

    Sii7 7 string

    Better pics of elqs lefty with some exotic woods that won GOTM here:

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    As Techno said, KxK guitars are a great option. After getting the limba/bubinga monster, I ordered two more.

    Bernie Rico Jr (Welcome to The Private Reserve - Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars! - The Private Reserve - Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars) is another option (I own one and have another on the way).

    And if you want something a bit more exotic, Oni is great (http://www.oniguitars.com/), I have one on the way from Oni too (yes, I am a whore).

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    KxKs are pretty damn schnazzy.

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    what do you all think of the Schecter hellraisers.

    Hellraiser Special C-1 FR - Schecter Guitar Research

    lefty model is at the very bottom.

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