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Thread: NGD! (Jaden Rose content...)

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    NGD! (Jaden Rose content...)

    Got myself a new fiddle - a Jaden Rose Series Two. 'Tis a beautiful guitar - natural finish sapele body, hardtail bridge, canadian rock maple neck, indian rosewood fretboard, and 2 ridiculously high output humbuckers designed by Jaden. A simple guitar for a simple guy

    Warning - contains a large number of ''jazz'' notes.

    [VIDEO]]‪Lyle Watt - New Guitar Day! (Jaden Rose S2)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    That's a really nice looking axe! Congrats on that!

    ...And you are way too fucking good. Stop.
    "Sometimes you have to confront your own patterns and expectations of yourself and do away with things that you enjoy doing in order to move forward and keep evolving as a musician. That's exactly the definition of the word progressive of course." —Steven Wilson

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    I love how Lyle looks like 12 and owns face!

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    Man, I love that half chicken-picking half shredding thing that you do. I'd kill for your right hand. And your left one, point of fact.

    I want to say something bad about this because it's kind of Our Thing, but I can't think of anything. This is fucking awesome man.

    Edit: Your Crocks are gay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Matt Crooks is gay.

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    I absolutely fucking hate you in every way you fucking goddamn bastard.

    Trade me playing skill levels?
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    This dude needs to be on tour and not bedroom shredding.

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    Great Playing, dude! Nice axe as well, congrats!

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