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Thread: NGD: MusicMan JPXI 7 - hd picz 'n vid inside!

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    NGD: MusicMan JPXI 7 - hd picz 'n vid inside!

    Hi friends, let's start this NGD with a video I've just made, hope you like it!

    [VIDEO]]Francesco Filigoi - "Empyreal - Sylosis" sweep/tapping lick[/VIDEO]

    Of course, some nice pics wouldn't hurt too

    Some words on the guitar: unlike some others, I've received a model that doesn't have any flaws or QC issues, so all I can say is that this is the perfect evolution of the JP model, and has all the specs I could desire in a dream guitar.

    Having recently owned a JP7 BFR (sold it just to buy this one) I can honestly say that it was absolutely worth it. At first the flatter 20" radius is a bit awkward but after a minute it's a dream to play.
    The neck is definitely thinner, but I don't feel that much of a difference from the previous one. Ebony fretboard, SS frets and a more stable bridge (even the trem cavity is tighter) all contribute to an overall better instrument.
    And the finish, oh the finish It's so hard to capture it on photo, so cool in person!

    I should mention that the guitar arrived not only in tune, but with an exceptional low action and perfect intonation, which is more than rare these days. Now excuse me, I need some more shred
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    Fuck Yeah!: Finally some pictures that do the guitar justice. Nice playing as well, congrats! I am so jealous.

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    Nice! I was very interested in one of these as well!

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    Good job man! I really want to try one of these. Or just any JP7.

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    Making metal every night and day.

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    cheers guys!

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