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Thread: would like some guitar opinions..

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    would like some guitar opinions..

    i would just like to get some opinions on some guitars...
    i currently have a 2008 Ibanez RGT6EXFX, this guitar is made of basswood, through-neck design with EMG 81/85. i love this guitar, it has the wizard II neck which none is thinner... and the action is unmatched as well. however i do not love the tone. i would describe it has high-pitchy/fuzzy at times. especially pinch harmonics sound fuzzy. i think this is due to the basswood body. soooo ive been looking at other guitars....

    My brother has a LTD EC-1000, mahogany body, set neck, EMG 81/60. his guitar sounds great, nice warm tone from the mahogany body i would guess. plus i can make the harmonics screeeeam smoothly on his guitar. i dont like how this guitar feels though. haha im picky.....

    Ive been locking at ESP LTD's though. i like the H1001 a lot. Mahogany body, set-through neck, EMG 81/85. i have played someone's who has it, but the action wasnt great. this could be because i dont believe its had a set up in some time. the neck is not as thin as the ibanez but its not bad. this guitar seems to price at about $800....

    Also been looking at the ESP LTD MH-350NT. mahogany body, THROUGH-NECK, EMG 81/85. ive played this... it is nice, but nothing to write home about. but i feel like the through-neck design is nicer. this guitar is $620

    I dont understand why ESP LTD has the H1001 as a deluxe and cost more, but its the MH-350NT with the neck through design. Neck through seems like a more high end design to me. H1001 has some more details with the locking tuners and locking TOM bridge... but is it really worth more with just that??

    So my questions are... should i just keep the Ibanez since i love how it plays but dont love the tone?? and what do you guys think with LTD's?? which is better?? why is the H1001 deluxe a set-through and the regular LTD is a neck-through??

    Sorry for the long rant, and thanks for any responses!!!

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    This could entirely be your amp mate! What amp are you running?


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    Neck through is not automatically better than set-neck. Just different.

    Also, IIRC the EC-1000 is a Gibson-scale guitar, which could also account for the warmer sound. Thicker necks make a big difference too, as do body woods of course.

    IIRC, it might be worth saving till you can find something you really want; there are a few through-neck mahogany RGs out there, although none with the short scale. Also, I'm not a huge fan of EMGs as they are kind of thin, bright, and focused, with less growl than passive pickups. Might be worth trying to find something else.
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    MA: Taylor 314c
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    i own and have played all guitars through a peavey valveking head and cab with an TS9 tubescreamer. i know its not a fantastic amp, but a very capable affordable tube amp.

    so do you all think the H1001 is still the better guitar even with the set through neck? im just so partial to through necks because of the ibanez and i also have a Carvin DC200 with through neck... just the action and neck are so awesome on both guitars.

    i just know im pretty sure i dont like basswood body, or an alder body for that matter.

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