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Thread: J Custom appreciation

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    J Custom appreciation

    Seriously, the 8527 I've just got has made me reconsider some of the guitars I have. It is superb build quality, and feels just as solid as the LACS. I am reallyseriously impressed this being the first one I've laid hands on, and I can already tell that it may just become my go to axe which is scary as nothing has dslodged the pwh from that spot for years now...

    So, appreciation for these awesome banjos!

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    I demand pics!

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    No internet, but in the FS section theres the ones Loco took so, repost of them:

    will get some pics up in a proper thread once i have found my camera after moving and taken some!

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    I loved the one I had (I was thinking of pulling the trigger on the one you just bought).
    If I had known my Rico build was going to take as long as it did I never would've sold mine. It was literally "mint condition"

    If the frets had just been a bit bigger................
    but I 've still got this one (are these considered J-customs?)
    waiting on a birdseye maple fretboard neck from ETguitars for it.

    J-Custom 7's are sweet guitars!
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    I LOVE my 8527. They are fantastic guitars.

    I REALLY love the HRG4-BX I have, though. It's probably hands down one of my favorite guitars, ever.

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    I'd be curious to try one of the six-stringers, just because I've never had a chance. I'm not big on the Ibanez trems, though.

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    I love Ibanez, J Customs especially. Excellent score!

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