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Thread: Top Shelf Mutt, Bottom Shelf Price? Yes Please!

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    Top Shelf Mutt, Bottom Shelf Price? Yes Please!

    So as many of you know I just got back to school in Laramie, I decided to do a quick pawnshop check at all the places in town just to see if there was anything interested or worthwhile to pick up. And of course there was pretty much nothing. I get to the smallest and dinkiest of all the pawn shops today and see two guitars that looked worthwhile playing from behind the counter, a Hamer slammer and something with a sticker that said "Custom Made" on it that looks like shit warmed over. So I ask the clerk to hand me the Hamer Slammer, $99, chineese shit of course. Put it back. What have I got to lose. Ask The Clerk if they can hand me the "Custom Made" superstrat. Jeez does this look rough. It didn't help my first impression that someone was using this... a switch tip. I figure it belonged to some kid that got it from a pawn shop that just neglected it. But whatever. It plays kind of nice. I shred on it for ten miinutes. Notice that it has a bridge pickup that looks an awful lot like an Anderson and a Kahler Trem (That is of course completely locked down. Pawn shops! ) The Kahler trem said USA, I had no idea if it was shit or not, but I figured the USA ones can't be too bad. I think on it for a bit and figure that if the bridge is an Anderson, the neck pickups are probably quality as well, it plays nice and has an ebony fretboard, and what the hell, I could use parts for my dinky project. For $189 I figured I would roll the bones, but just to be safe I went up to the clerk and said "Wanna sell this to me for $140?" she calls her boss and says "$150", what the hell, roll the bones, right?

    So I walk out with it and on the walk back to my dorm think, "Shit I probably bought another shit heap on impulse. Why did I think the bridge pickup was an Anderson, Yamaha made some large poled pickups too, its probably that. And the singles are probably at best out of a MIM Strat, more likely out of the lowest of low end ibanez." But I get back to my dorm room, whip out the screwdriver, and was thankfully proven wrong. What I got.

    -Sperzel Tuners
    -Kahler 2760 Steeler w/ auto latch (supposed to me the best floyd type trem kahler made, some consider it better than a floyd)
    -Dimarzio DP404 Virtual Vintage Solo (Neck)
    -Dimarzio DP407 Virtual 2 (Middle)
    -Anderson HN3 Bridge
    -Decent Hardshell case

    So for parts alone I'm already doing good for the $150+tax I paid. Whoever put this guitar together didn't skimp on hardware, all top shelf stuff, so I'd be interested in knowing where the body is from. The neck (ebony board) and body seem nice. Though the homemade headstock (Standard Suhr/Anderson/Pensa/Schecter poorly executed rip off) and trem route are both hack jobs, but the natural binding is quite nice. No idea what is even going on with the nut. Neck shape is a nice medium strat. A bit thicker and more V shaped than a pro mod. Neck pocket is tight, and with some neck relief adjustments and some shimming it should play nice.

    I'm just undecided as to whether its worth keeping as an actual guitar, or cannabalizing for parts. Guess I'll sit on that for a while.

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    Very cool man!

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    Seriously though, if you try the HN3 you will throw away your aldriches. Much better.

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    That switch tip will be in my goddamn nightmares.

    Spiffy score though man.

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    Location: Laramie, Wyoming
    ME: Jackson AT Pro
    Rig: Rivera K Tre

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    BTW, anybody know where I remember that control cavity cover from? I swear I've seen that shape before, might be a clue as to what the body is.

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    Nicely done!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    I swear, that looks like a Zion Carve Top that someone had mangled. The control cavity looks right, too.

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