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Thread: Active PUps on Basswood

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    Active PUps on Basswood

    Was talking about the new Jackson X series models with some mates,
    and one of them told me that active pickups on basswood sound just like shit.

    I'm not really an expert about woods.

    Is that true?
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    I don't think so. I've had quite a few basswood RGs loaded with EMGs and I haven't had any complaints.

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    If anything the bodywood matters less when using actives in my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    If anything the bodywood matters less when using actives in my experience.
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    My RGD with Blackouts absolutely slays


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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    If anything the bodywood matters less when using actives in my experience.

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    I just recorded this song on a basswood guitar with blackouts a few weeks ago:

    [VIDEO]]Final Fantasy VI Atma Weapon (Metal Version) FF6[/VIDEO]

    I hardly think it sounds like "shit."

    Here's a comparison video of EMGs and Blackouts in two different guitars, both of which are basswood and both of which are active pickups:

    [VIDEO]]EMGs vs. Blackouts: The Legend Continues - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    And here are a few songs from my band's old 2009 EP with Blackouts and EMGs in basswood guitars:

    [VIDEO]]02 - Exsanguination - Across a Barren Wasteland - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    (Blackouts in basswood)

    [VIDEO]]03 - Exsanguination - Witness the End - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    (EMGs in basswood)

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    The amount of hate directed toward basswood is just absurd. I'm not a big fan of active pickups, but I've been able to get great tones out of pickups that I normally don't like (I'm looking at you, JB and Screamin' Demon) in basswood guitars. Now, I don't expect the lower-end Jacksons to benefit from the same grade of wood as in the Japanese and American models, and I have no doubt that the chance of getting a guitar built from lesser-quality materials increases in the lower price range, but I don't see that happening across an entire line of guitars.

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