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Thread: Need help choosing a distortion pedal

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    Need help choosing a distortion pedal

    Hi everyone,

    First, english isn't my native language so I apologize for my mistakes.

    If my request is too hard to fulfill, don't take to much time, that doesn't worth it. (Maybe read all before trying to help me, don't loose to much time, my requirements are surely high.)

    I'm in the wonderful world of the metal and the electric guitar since only 1 year so I'm a bit a newbe.
    Especially in the electric materials for the electric guitar.
    So here is my current material:
    Warbeast NJ Deluxe B.C Rich as guitar
    CUBE-80XL Roland as ampli
    and a Droptunes Morpheus as pedal (for dropping the tunes XD)

    So here begin my problems:
    I don't know if I have a good quality ampli so if all pedals worth it.
    But the principal question is: which pedal of which type of disto have I to buy?

    I'm sure that you need which metal I hear to, so here we go (with a link to give an example).
    If you don't like my music don't take too much (it isn't heavy metal), it doesn't worth it.
    So the bands are (you don't need to listen to all):
    Dornenreich: [VIDEO]]Dornenreich - Schwarz schaut tiefsten Lichterglanz - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Es (Gest): [VIDEO]]Es - Helike - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Chthonic: [VIDEO]]CHTHONIC Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    The Vision Bleak:
    [VIDEO]]The Vision Bleak - A Romance With The Grave - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    or: [VIDEO]]The Vision Bleak - Dreams In The Witch-house - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Negura Bunget: [VIDEO]]Negura Bunget - Tesarul de Lumini (full) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Eluveitie: [VIDEO]]ELUVEITIE - Thousandfold - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    (others: sun of the sleepless, Cradle of Filth, Naglfar, Estatic Fear and Farsot)

    If you can't help me (and that's not a problem at all), I hope you discovered some bands.

    I know the better would be a professional ?controller? (or something like that) with which you can do almost 4 or 5 different disto (with a high price if it exists) or 4 or 5 different pedals but it doesn't worth it. So I think more about 1 pedal similar to the rocktron zombie (but I find the disto doesn't fit with my "style") or 2 pedals more simple.
    I don't need a disto who sound exactly like what we heard in the music but similar. I'm not so exigeant...
    (budget: about 350$)

    I thank everyone who take time to read and help me.

    Subsidiary question:
    Did all disto pedals work with a droptunes? (yes, I know... I'm a newbe)



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    What's your budget?

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    I love Estatic Fear

    I think you would like a Boss Metal Zone, and they are not very expensive. They have a mid EQ knob which is adjustable, so you can set the amount of mid as well as the frequency of the mid. You can get a nice full distortion, or a thinner distortion like some of the bands you like.

    Since you use a Roland Cube amp, all of your distortion will come from the pedal, so it is important to have lots of knobs to change the sound since you wish to use many different sounds.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    @ Leon: I have written 350$ but it can be more or less, I would say 500 the max of the max.

    @ Soopahmahn: I've seen this pedal "Boss Metal Zone", I like this disto but it is specific. I forgot to mention that I would like more a pedal with which I have more options. But OK, I imagine I take a boss metal zone, with this I could play Estatic Fear, maybe Dornenreich and The Vision Bleak (for me it seems the same disto). But for the others like Es, Chthonic or Negura Bunget, what else could I buy?

    Thank you for the hint though, I was thinking about buying the boss metal zone in the case I buy 2 or three pedals.

    (For Negura Bunget: one of the guitarist has a seven string guitar, just don't say me that I can't play their music with my guitar, I know the problem but still I like their disto)

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    Check out the Suhr Riot.

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    Ha! I see it now

    Yeah, start with a distortion pedal like the Metal Zone, and pocket the rest of your cash to save for a bigger amp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glaridar View Post
    Did all disto pedals work with a droptunes? (yes, I know... I'm a newbe)
    if you mean by droptune, tuning the guitar down, then yes, you will be fine. it may become less clear the lower you go, but that will probably have more to do with your guitar setup than the pedal itself.

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    @Nights Blood: Thank you for the advice, I never heard of this pedal. I'll see by myself, what I can do with it

    @Leon: Ok, apparently the boss metal zone is really good, but like I said it seems well with some of the music I like, but there are others. I know it will be good to buy a new amp but I don't have a studio or a place where I can really benefit from a bigger and better amp so... I'll wait. Did you know another pedal who sound like the boss metal zone?

    @beneharris: Ok thank you, that's really great to know.

    (I don't know the real difference between overdrive and distortion, if someone can clarify it it would be great (or greater))

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