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Thread: NGD: ESP LTD H-401 FM with Bare Knuckles

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    NGD: ESP LTD H-401 FM with Bare Knuckles

    So, this guitar was originally Lyle's, but, being a good mate and not wanting the hassle of having to pack it up and send it somewhere, he sold it to me for a very good price, so a massive thank-you goes out to him. I've had her for a while, but I've only just gotten good pictures (courtesy of my flatmate, Jake ). She was in guitarguitar in Edinburgh for just over a week for a fret dress, setup and to have the Bare Knuckle pickups installed. I've got a VHII in the neck and a Rebel Yell in the bridge. Based on first impressions, I'm absolutely mad about the Rebel Yell. It's thick and clear, and fulfils all of my Opeth needs. The VHII is going to take a little bit of getting used to. Clean, it's phenomenal, and gives the Apaches in my Strat a run for their money. Distorted, it retains its brightness and reaction to pick-movements, so I'm going to need to clean up my playing. At any rate, they're flawlessly constructed, so a big thank-you also goes out to Soop for trading with me.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy. She plays and sounds like a dream, is definitely a looker, and compliments my Strat beautifully. Now I just to get the fucking RG7 put together.


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    hopefully you can steal some of lyle's talent from it, nice score bud!

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    That looks awesome! congrats
    The Industrialist

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    That last pic is great congrats!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Making metal every night and day.

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    I tried one of those actually but didn't get on very well with it (had a horrible setup)

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    The VHII neck is a nice pickup, but it's very open, so don't expect it to be nearly as forgiving as a lot of neck pickups can be.

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    Ooh, looks nice with the nickel covers on the pups.

    Glad to see it's gone to a home where it'll be used.

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