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Thread: NGD: Strandberg #15

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    NGD: Strandberg #15

    Hey guys! My Strandberg has finally arrived!

    The Specs:
    Lightweight Swamp Ash Body
    Curly Claro Walnut Top with Rosewood Veneer
    Birdseye Maple Fretboard
    24.75-25.75 scale with neutral point around the 6th fret.
    24 Medium/High Stainless Steel Frets
    Luminlay Side Dots with compensated positioning for the Fanned Frets.
    Belly Carve and Arm Bevel (for comfort)
    Lundgren M7 Set
    EGS Series 3 Fixed Bridge in Red
    Hard Rock Maple Neck with Mahogany and Carbon Fiber laminates.
    1 Vol no Tone
    3 way mini switch for the pickups.

    Here are the pics:

    My Inital Thoughts:
    Incredibly lightweight and one of the most acoustically resonant solid body guitars i have ever heard. I had asked for a slightly enlarged control cavity to act as a chamber, and i think this helps. The Walnut top is absolutely gorgeous and yet allows the guitar to maintain a somewhat understated look for as unique a design it has, and the Birdseye fretboard contrasts the body beautifully.

    This guitar arrived with quite possibly the BEST setup i have ever experienced on a 7 string, the notes sustain incredibly despite the action being very low. It feels very effortless to move around.
    The guitar has a very midrangey and tight character to it, it has the attack you would associate with alder and basswood, but a fuller low mid area which is always welcome, especially when palm-muting chords. Im digging the sound of it a lot so far!

    I have only just started playing it, so this is all i can say thus far, but ill update with some clips/vids if i have time before our 2 dates with Dream Theater, and i do plan on using it live at those shows as well, so i can give some feedback on how i like it as a live instrument (which is what i mainly want to use it for!) But i have high hopes for it!

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    Wow, that is killer!

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    Hey Bulb!

    Fuck you.

    Yeah, that's nice!

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    Amazing guitar. You have such an awesome collection.

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    I hate you. Fucker!
    Confront and Cry

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    God damn!
    Must get....headless...7-string.
    I just can't get into the body lines though. If Strandberg would do a regular Steinberger doublecut body, I'd be all over it.

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    I am soo happy I got on Ola's waiting list before this NGD

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