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Thread: Proof that Schaller Straplocks > *

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    Proof that Schaller Straplocks > *

    Played a gig last night. Kind of a small crowd, so we were all going for it to try and put a bit of energy into the room.

    In the past I have been criticised for being a bit static on stage; once I realised that 98% of the crowd a) can't tell and b) don't care if I hit absolutely every single note perfectly - and the other 2% are guitarists who I couldn't care less about their opinions - I've been throwing myself and my guitar around a lot more and just having fun. Think Dillinger. Jumping off shit, just flailin it around like the thing is on fire.

    Well, it finally caught up with me - we have a beat's rest in one of our songs where we are all silent, and I jumped from the stage down onto the floor with my guitar above my head. On the beat that we start playing again I brought the guitar back down and it didn't stop. It didn't fall or hit anything - I still had my hand on the neck - but I was a bit surprised when the guitar kept going.

    At first I thought the strap pin and threaded the hole, but it turns out that it was much more than that...

    I'd like to point out that I've been using the Schallers since I first started gigging, and that I have never, ever, in six years of playing guitar ever had a strap fall off the guitar, and last night was no exception. The strap is still attached to the strap button!

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    Fucking basswood
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdonegan View Post
    Fucking basswood
    I've had the strap buttons come loose on a mahogany guitar. Happened to my brother's strat too (alder). I haven't had that amount of damage happen, but I haven't swung my guitar around my head either.

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    I had that happen on my old Dean bass, that was mahogany. Unlucky on that one fella!


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    oh shit that sucks

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    happened with a gibson les paul i used to have, then after the show a bunch of people told me they had similar problems with their gibsons...

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