Build-story: ViK Caprice T Hollowbody (Insane BRW and curly redwood content)

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Thread: Build-story: ViK Caprice T Hollowbody (Insane BRW and curly redwood content)

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    Build-story: ViK Caprice T Hollowbody (Insane BRW and curly redwood content)

    Hey guys,

    I've wanted a hollowbody since I was a young teenager, perhaps since the first time I saw Incubus on TOTP maybe 13 or 14 years ago, seeing Mike Einziger rocking out on his PRS Hollowbody. Since then I've come to love the huge variety of sounds you can get from hollowbodies, and the uniquely intimate experience of playing them (good examples at least). Of course, they are very expensive instruments and I have had other priorities as a guitarist so the dream has stayed on the back-burner until now. So, after the massive success of the Duality 7-string Vik built me, the Duality 7-string Vik built me earlier this year, and seeing some of the truly amazing timber he had at his disposal I knew that he was the guy to go to for an exotic hollowbody build. Fortunately things lined up nicely financially so I was able to commission the build right away.
    I'm playing with Periphery on their European tour in support of Dream Theater, so Vik is going to try and have the guitar finished in time to hand it over to me at the Poland show at the end of January. It's not the kind of guitar to be using for that style of music but it means I'll be able to meet the Vikmeister in person and avoid the nailbiting problem of shipping such a precious instrument!

    As ever, Vik has a thread on his forum detailing the build process, viewable here: ViK Guitars Caprice T Redwood Twins. I shall copy over some of the info and photos that he has posted so far, but for more details check his thread

    So here is the spec:

    strings: 6
    scale: 642mm (equivalent of 25.27")
    frets: 22
    neck/body system: set-in
    body wood: Honduran mahogany
    top wood: curly redwood (one-piece)
    neck wood: Brazilian rosewood (Modern C profile, 20.5-22mm)
    fingerboard: Brazilian rosewood (10-16" compound radius)
    fretwire type and gauge: NS wide
    binding: contour
    binding type: golden curly maple with thin black inner stripe
    markers: glow-in-the-dark side dots
    hardware color: gold
    bridge: Gotoh 510UB
    tuners: Gotoh SGL510Z-BL5-MG (21:1)
    pickups: Bare Knuckle Mule bridge/Manhattan neck
    controls layout: vol1/vol2/master tone(push-pull)/3 way toggle switch
    strap buttons: Dunlop straplocks
    color: transparent
    finish: high gloss front / satin back
    other: hollow body with F-hole

    There one big thing I'm deliberately leaving out of the spec so it is a bit of a surprise

    And here's the timber:

    The incredible one-piece curly redwood top

    Honduran mahogany body:

    Brazilian rosewood neck blank:

    Perfectly quartersawn Brazilian rosewood fretboard:

    Gold Gotoh hardware (the satin Gold hardware is for a twin build Vik is doing - identical apart from using Indian rosewood instead of Brazilian):

    Since the build is fairly advanced, I'll post a selection of pics from the process so far:

    And then to finish, Vik sent me a droolsome mockup picture today:

    So that's the story so far, I can't wait to see how things progress from here and of course, experience the finished article!

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    Yay, more pics!

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    Yay, more pics!

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    That neck!

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    Holy shit

    That thing is going to be amazing!!

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    Wow, something about rosewood necks look so silky-smooth!

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    Guitar looks absolutely awesome but a bit of exaggeration in the story telling there Nolly! Incubus I'm fairly certain didn't appear on totp until Morning View (Wish You Were Here). 13-14 years ago would have put it during the Science period and I'm fairly certain that they wouldn't have had the appeal to appear then. All is forgiven though as that guitar looks so tasty.

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