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Thread: LACS Brainstorming Session

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    LACS Brainstorming Session

    I have a form to fill out by monday on a new custom, but as yet:

    - No idea on body wood
    - No idea on colour
    - Still wondering what inlay to do, whether to match it to the current lacs, or go for something sdifferent, or keep it in the same vein (on the lacs it is the sigil of Pazuzu, the lord of all fevers and plagues)
    - no idea on neckwoods/construction
    - fingerboard I do like rosewood, but tinking of seeing if there's another fun wood that can be used.

    Things I do know:
    - Neckthrough
    - Volute
    - Reverse Headstock
    - Headstock matched to body
    - Flachion body shape
    - Either H/S/H or H/H pup config
    - Killswitch
    - pup switch probably 5-way as do prefer that and don't massively get on with toggle switches, although open to ideas
    - 1 vol, 1 tone
    - Some kind of funky inlay
    - White marbled binding as on the uv777
    - glow in the dark side dots, with black centres

    Guitars I like:
    - love the j-custom maple top mahogony i got recently
    - swamp ash maple neckthrough maple topped lacs is ace as well
    - like the woody sound out of the uv7pwn i've got, but this may be down to the nice bit of wood in it.

    So, recommendations, ideas, links to fn logos that could be uised for inlays purposes, everything welcome in this thread.

    just for reference, here's the current lacs I have:


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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: 7th plane of ethereal hell
    ME: Ibanez UV7PWH
    Rig: Mesa Roadking II

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    Oh, here's a link to the kind of original specs for the previous lacs as well:

    New Page 0

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    Pale Moon Ebony for teh fretboard would be sweet!

    That with a solid color body would rule. A quilt top with that fretboard would be overkill IMO.

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    Mahogany body w/ Flame Maple top
    Black back and sides, natural top
    Ebony board
    Matching Headstock
    Maple/Walnut neck.

    EDIT: Completely missed it was a Falchion.
    Matte Black
    Black hardware
    Maple board.


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    ITT: Everyone specs out their own dream LACS.
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
    Tiān xi m nng zhī, m nng xng." - Lao Tse - my band.

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    ME: Ibanez UV7PWH
    Rig: Mesa Roadking II

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    Yeah, true, I would like to keep it in the parameters, am looking for a nice neckthrough wood (as in 3/5 piece blah blah) and the wood for the wings. Have already decided I want quilted maple top, so that is a given.

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    Dark green quilted maple, dark brown mahogany back, flamed maple fingerboard.

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    Sigils? Does it just have to look cool or are you one of those serious guys that is like "Shit I worship Pazuzu, have an alter to him in my bedroom".

    Cause as long as it only has to look cool...

    (although eyes are way overdone these days)

    Dunno, its hard to do an arcane symbol and not look goofy as fuck. This guy did it though...

    ...and it is one of the best looking guitar ever IMO.

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