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Thread: Epic NGD/First Post! Guitar Logistics Banshee!

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    Epic NGD/First Post! Guitar Logistics Banshee!

    Hey all!
    My name's John
    Im a long time member/poster over at SS.org and I know a lot of you on this forum are as well!

    Just wanted to say hey and and introduce myself with my most recent NGD!

    Guitar Logistics S906

    Sapele body (African Mahogany)
    Gorgeous Burl Maple top
    Reversed Headstock w/Matching Burl Top
    25.5" 5 piece Maple/Bloodwood neck
    16" radius
    Bloodwood fretboard
    Custom Handwound Diablo Pickups (Made by Brett)
    Single Volume knob, with Bourns 500K pot
    3 way toggle
    Gotoh Locking Tuners
    Hipshot Bridge
    Dunlop Recessed Straplocks

    I believe thats all
    I'm sure i'm forgetting something but you get the picture.

    Lemme first explain how much of a pleasure it was to deal with Brett (the luthier). He's patient, knowledgable, and really has an eye for what he does. I can't even possibly tell you how many emails we had back and forth, so on top of having a great experience with him, the guitar is just the icing on the cake!

    My first impressions are that this guitar will probably replace all my other guitars. Its supppperrr resonant, so much louder acoustically than all my other guitars. Plugged in, its super punchy and has soo much clarity that I dont really know what to do with, as i'm sooo used to EMGs. I really have to mess with all my tones. So far all i've been doing is playing on a clean setting as it really just shows how beautiful the guitar sounds. Now, I will be in the honeymoon phase for a while but as the guitar settles (it is brand spankin new) I'm sure i will fall more in love and really find out its true potential.

    Now for the reason you've all come...

    With the guitar on it...... 5 LBS!!!!!

    Almost Dead on 5 lbs, and it still sounds hugeeee!

    and just know that these do absolutely no justice at all, I will get better pics very soon, but I didn't wanna stop playing it, and stupid work got in the way.

    There will be soundclips, and hopefully a few videos in the very very near future, but I wanna break her in a lil bit first.

    If you love it almost as much as I do (you never will come close) you'll want to check out how she was made here:
    Project S906 #4 - Sevenstring.org

    and Brett's gallery photos cause there way more better (double positive) than mine, here:
    Guitar Logistics: S906_4 --Banshee--

    Also for your enjoyment, a quick clip of the guitar!
    You must turn volume loud, for some reason its uber low and compressed
    Recorded using the direct out of my Spider II 75w combo with lotsss of post processing, lemme know what ya think!

    The Ganzfield Effect in D by Musikizlife on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Now you may breathe


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    Holy shit, that's gorgeous! Welcome!

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    That thing is beautiful.

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    Wow! Very nice!

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    I've never heard of that brand/luthier before but that looks gorgeous, I love the top on it.
    My band Shardborne - Prog metal Free E.P Download here

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    Beautiful instrument! Wow.

    Also :
    President - Reverse Headstock Lover's Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demeyes View Post
    I've never heard of that brand/luthier before but that looks gorgeous, I love the top on it.
    The luthier just joined here a few days ago:

    Too much focus leads to tunnel vision
    Too much faith leads to religion
    Too much knowledge leads to confusion
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    SWEET WORK, metal guitarists love birdseye/burl wood because it looks like souls!

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