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Thread: NGD:Spazmatron S906 #3 Guitar-Logisitcs

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    NGD:Spazmatron S906 #3 Guitar-Logisitcs

    After owning several custom shop guitars I finally broke down and had a 100% hand built guitar made by Holly crap This is by far the best guitar I have ever played! The weight the neck the tone everything! The only parts on this guitar that are not hand build are the locking tuners trussrod and the bridge. I will post the recordings when we finish this feb. We are going in the studio with the legend Jamie King (Basement Studios) Here is a link with the full build details Guitar Logistics: S906_3 --Spazmatron--

    Neck : Korina/Cocobolo
    Fretboard : Cocobolo
    Scale : 25.5
    Frets : 24
    Trussrod : ALLPARTS

    Body : Korina/Flamed Myrtle(33mm)
    Tuners : Hipshot
    Pickups : Diablo Humbuckers
    Bridge : Hipshot
    Electronics : 1 Push/pull

    Eric (PIVOT)
    Pivot | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

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    Very pretty.

    Love how the luthier joins and we immediately get two of his customers joining too, trumpeting his wares.

    I like RestorationAD's stuff, but this sort of thing does bug me a little bit.
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    Sweet Blackmachine copy, bro!
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
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    I like that guitar. The top is awesome.

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    I saw the post from the other build and wanted to show mine. Of course im going to pimp my new guitar and I just received it 2 months ago. I never post about gear it feels like showing off but this guitar needs to be :-) If you guys think I shouldn't let me know ill go elsewhere. I dont want to start some kinda of war or if there is another discussion area I should be posting this too let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Love how the luthier joins and we immediately get two of his customers joining too, trumpeting his wares.
    Damn - that's happening here too now>?

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    Nothing wrong with a little marketing. Slick guitar dude!

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    Nice guitar, but the headstock is kinda ugly.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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