NGD: ET Guitars Katana 7 prototype.

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Thread: NGD: ET Guitars Katana 7 prototype.

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    NGD: ET Guitars Katana 7 prototype.

    You may have seen the build thread for this on the "other" site...

    -27" scale 7 string,
    -Bolt on construction
    -Oil & wax finish
    -3pc Wenge neck with flamed maple skunk stripe & ebony fretboard
    -Ash body w/wenge top
    -25 6100 stainless steel frets
    -Carbon fiber neck reinforcement rods
    -offset dot inlays (abalone)
    -green glow in the dark side inlays
    -Bareknuckle aftermath bridge/nailbomb neck pickups
    -Bareknuckle custom 550k CTS vol pot
    -Dimarzio 3 way 12 pole selector toggle switch
    -2-way killswitch
    -Recessed & angled barrel output jack
    -Graphtec nut
    -Hipshot locking tuners
    -Hipshot bridge

    Firstly, Ernie will be making a batch of these and because the neck for the 27" scale is actually a 25 fret conversion neck you'll be able to order a 25.5" neck if you want.

    I picked this up passing through mittagong on friday halfway through a tour I'm on. Ernie rushed it to get it ready for me in time. The headstock decal wasn't ready in time but besides that this guitar is all go and I am SO impressed with it.

    Ernie and I designed this together and we couldnt be happier with how it turned out. I've only been able to use it live but i took it on stage the day I got it after playing it in the van for a few hours. Every thing about this guitar is amazing.
    The neck profile is fantastic (similar to a UV), the body balances well, it sustains like nothing else, the shape and carves are extremely comfortable, the glowing side dots are a great addition and the thing I like most about it is the wenge neck. Because of the open grain in the wenge it doesn't get slippery when wet or sticky when dry. It's very easy to play towards the end of a show when your whole body is just drenched in sweat because you can still grab the grain on it. One would think because of that the tuning stability wouldn't be that good but it's actually fantastic and the carbon rods may have something to do with that. Other cool additions are the cooley style carve on the bottom wing and the jem style output jack. The headstock also has a straight pull and this is something I consider to be very important. The body is on the thin side but nothing like an S series for example, its about 3/4 the thickness of an RG

    Sonically, It seems to have an extremely present midrange with this crazy attack that just jumps out of the guitar. Every note seems to have an extremely strong fundamental, especially in the lows. The attack is very bright but the guitar still has a really fair amount of chunk in the lows/low mids which is very tight and immediate. It's not thin or brittle but cuts through like nothing I've ever heard before and that's fantastic for low tunings. The clarity is just unrivaled and the guitar feels alive. Ernie Uses CNC equipment for all his rough cuts so the fit and finish is extremely tight and for me this guitar is different, but on par with the BRJ's I've owned. I do however prefer it because we designed it from the ground up to rectify every single niggle I've had with all the guitars I've been playing.

    I have a day off today so i took some pics with my iphone at a friend's patio who we're staying with, hopefully I can get some better ones soon.

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    amazing ! how much does it cost for one?

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    That is gorgeous

    However, that top looks awfully like what the body on the rotard is made out of. Cannot. Unsee. (don't take this is as offensive, your guitar is yummy, the rotard most certainly is not)


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    That thing is divine, I love it.

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    That's pretty damn awesome.

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    Classy as hell.

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    Wow... that's GORGEOUS!

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