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Thread: The Quest (with no Van Damme)

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    The Quest (with no Van Damme)

    Hey guys! I'm looking to get into the 7 string world and have been racking my brain with which guitar to go with!

    I've been looking at the Ibanez RG7321, but am wondering if I should wait for a reasonably priced 7621 to show up. I played the 7321 at a guitar center, and actually liked it (I have hated Ibanez forever) but I noticed that some of the plastic binding was actually coating the ends of some of the frets! Crazy.

    I also came across the Schecter A7 and was wondering if anyone had experience with those and what they have to say about them. They seem pretty solid, as far as specifications go.

    Other than searching for those two things, what other 7's would you guys suggest in the price range of around 400 bucks?

    Thanks guys!


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    aww I wanted the Van Damme movie clip.

    But to answer your question, I've played around with around 4-5 RG7321 and the quality has really been up and down, some have played beautifully, and some has had the worst fretting/quality problems I've encountered. So it's a gamble if you can't try it before you buy it. About the other guitars I haven't played any of them.

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