Tuning slipping even though the trem is blocked?

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Thread: Tuning slipping even though the trem is blocked?

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    Tuning slipping even though the trem is blocked?

    Every time I pick up my M307 it's detuned a few cents, even though it's locked and the trem is blocked

    Strings are stretched in nicely so it's not that, they're only a couple of weeks old and it did it a little with the last set too. It didn't always do it though, it just started to one day. Halp?
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    My only thought it is the neck is shifting due to temp..or humidity.

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    something you dont want loose is loose. Id pull the strings and start tightening things up. Your neck is shifting, or the nut, or the saddles, or something. Something that should not be moving is moving though.
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    What's it blocked with?

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    Could well be temperature changes, man. I rehearsed with a band on Sunday and it was so incredibly cold in the rehearsal room, the guitar and bass needed to be retuned several times.

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    I can't see the neck shifting out of the blue on this thing, it's a really solid neck-thru and I haven't changed string gauge in over a year. Trem is blocked with wooden blocks.

    Tested all other hardware possibilities and they're all in good shape when given a stern wiggle! The only thing that makes sense is temperature really, I guess since we've come into the colder months and the heating has been on/off at various times... But it didn't do that last year, and nothing's changed since then

    Oh well, I thought it might be something a little more complicated than that but I guess sometimes these things are just that simple. Can't think of anything else!

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    I've found myself having to retune most of my guitars lately when I pick them up. More so than usual and I put it down to the weather here. It's gotten a nice bit colder in the last couple of weeks and I didn't have any heating in my house when it started.
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    if it's blocked with wood, then remember that it could be expanding or shrinking due to changes in humidity, and the pressure applied by the trem might be causing a wood block to compress. try wiggling the trem hard to see if it has any give. If it's not blocked tightly on both sides of the trem block, then do that. Glue the wood in place if you must.

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