NGD: Singlecut sexy times (64k is ISDN basic rate)

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Thread: NGD: Singlecut sexy times (64k is ISDN basic rate)

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    NGD: Singlecut sexy times (64k is ISDN basic rate)

    So here we go, here's the new guitar. As mentioned a few times, it's an Emperion and a few people have had issues with them so I'm not gonna go on about them much. However I've had no problems with them, and the guitar is pretty sweet.

    Specs are mahogany body, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, it apparently has a thin maple top, 25.5" scale, set neck, and is in a satin/matte finish rather than gloss.

    Honestly, after playing an LTD Viper 407 a couple of years ago, the feel of a satin guitar has been something I've enjoyed so it was a nice surprise to get this one and have it feel very similar to that.

    Anyway, on with the porn!

    From the limited time I've spent with it plugged into my Invader (at around 11pm last night after coming back from the parents), it sounds pretty awesome. I'm surprised how good the pickups are actually, quite clear and no real issues. The only slight issue I have is the grounding isn't quite right on the guitar so I need to do a little rewiring but other than that it's cool.

    The sound is quite chunky (as you'd expect from an LP) and also on cleans the guitar sounds great. Full, round, and clear. The bridge pickup on clean has enough chunk to it for it not to sound like a bright mess like a lot can.

    Overall I'm chuffed with it. I'll get a clip or two up at some point, but I reckon this is going to be quite a heavily used guitar.

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    Never heard of the company, but I like it.

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    How does the neck feel? Every time i think of a single cut 7 im instantly thinking beefy super neck. So is the neck comfy?

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    "a few people" is an understatement. It looks like they've cleaned things up considerably. Looks like a nice guitar. 'Grats!
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    Yeah, I went through the entire thread on SS.bulb and it is one hell of a horror story. I guess I just lucked out.

    Aaron: The neck is quite chunky, but not horrendously so. A bit bigger than your usual ESP/Jackson/BC Rich affair, but not to the point where you are holding an entire tree.

    I've also traced the source of the hum, looks like there is no ground wire from the bridge. If this is the only issue I'm going to have with it, I've done well compared to many others!

    Edit: Fixed the grounding issue, just restringing now!

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    That looks great, I like the binding on the body. Congrats

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    Looks really nice
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    That's a sick guitar!

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