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    NGD (Pointy Guitar Content)

    So to give a little background on this guitar - the passion for the Warlock II goes back to when I was about 12 years old. I remember looking up and seeing the following poster on a music store wall:

    I thought it was the most metal - coolest looking guitar I had ever seen. In hindsight - the skull is about the cheesiest thing I've ever seen but the guitar gets me going like it always did even today.

    So for the next three years or so I threw a crap load of news papers and saved my money and bought this:

    A 1984 USA made BC Rich Warlock - but not the II. I got caught up with all the little switches and the Kahler and strayed from the II but still had that poster in the back of my mind.

    So last year - The BC Rich Players forum and Beat Street Music commissioned a limited edition Warlock II and I was lucky enough to grab one of those - a refresher pic. of that guitar:

    I love the guitar - no problems at all - good quality - sustain for days but it has a 25.5" scale and not the original 24-5/8" that most of the old BC's used.

    Which brings me to today's NGD - BC Rich Warlock II with the original 24-5/8" scale.

    Proper tool for opening:

    WTF - what is that :

    I've got the tool : The mandolin of death

    crap not working either - I know - get ready to be smited (it that even a word?)

    Ahh progress:

    The wall of Warlock:

    I'm guessing there will be negative comments about: (pick one)

    TOM Bridge
    Pointy guitars
    gold hardware
    All of the above

    I love it - I know it's not exactly the Warlock II in the picture with the cheesy skull and I know it's MIK and not the USA. It just reminds me of being 12 and looking up at that poster and I'm just grinning ear to ear.

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    Hell fucking yes. Warlocks are awesome. Now you need a sawblade codpiece.

    It just reminds me of being 12 and looking up at that poster and I'm just grinning ear to ear.
    This. That's why I have such a soft spot for ridiculous JEMs with handles and such. I had them on my wall as a kid and thought they were the most awesome thing ever.

    Solid NGD dude.

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    Happy NGD man.

    At age 13 (1993) I saw Max Cavalera rocking a Warlock and it was the most metal thing I'd ever seen. I didn't even play guitar at the time, but I had to have one. Three long years later, I scored an NJ series and it was the greatest feeling.

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    Awesome NGD! Always loved the Warlocks along with the Bich. Just seeing Kerry King rocking out with one with Slayer when I was a teenager was the most awesome thing. I wasn't playing guitar at that stage either (was a later bloomer at 15) and I didn't fucking care, all I knew is I wanted something pointy to thrash around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DslDwg View Post
    It just reminds me of being 12 and looking up at that poster and I'm just grinning ear to ear.
    This is all that matters!

    Also guitars! I love that purple one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Hell fucking yes. Warlocks are awesome. Now you need a sawblade codpiece.
    THIS. So much this.

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    All beautiful. That purple one is sexy.

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