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Thread: Help me pick a bass (v2)

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    Help me pick a bass (v2)

    So, after everything I've pawned off this month in a desperate attempt to save, I've come to realise that a custom guitar just isn't on the cards this year, not with Download Festival, car repairs that need done, and car insurance due in the middle of the year (which is likely still going to be around 1000). With that, I come to the conclusion that while I don't NEED another guitar, I can't make do with a 4 string bass. I've narrowed it down to two basses (as both are on ebay cheaply, and both I've wanted for fuck knows how long), the Ibanez SR506, and the BTB676. The lowest this will be getting tuned at a MASSIVE push is going to be G, and that will only be a drone kind of thing for one song, the rest of the time will likely be A. I'm looking for what is likely to be the most versatile, but also awesome for metal. I'm not against a pick-up swap if either of these need them to do some mehtulz as fuck gut rumbling.

    What do you guys think? Links to specs and porn below.

    EDIT: I also forgot, what's access to the low strings like further up the neck? If I wanted to play the 6th string at the 15th fret for example, or would I need gargantuan hands?

    Basses - SR506 | Ibanez guitars

    Basses - BTB676 | Ibanez guitars


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    the SR basses are comfy. I own the 5-string version of the sr506 you posted and it's definitely nice, though I'm not a fan of having an extra string I NEVER use. the 6 string ones I've played haven't had the BIGGEST 6 string neck I've ever seen. Ibanez tends to use a more cramped spacing.

    If it was me, and there was no difference in price, I would say go with the BTB. It'll be a wider neck, but it's neck thru with better upper fret access, and i really like the individual string bridges.

    As for being able to reach the high frets on the low string, I can do it without a problem, so make a duck with your hand like this:

    ...and measure from your knuckle to the end of your middle finger. Mine measures 4.5". I can reach over the low b on my 5 to where a 6th string would be no problem. Failing the ingenious duck hand idea, just to find one to play somewhere, or any other 6 string, since ibanez basses have tighter string spacing.
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    I've got the SR506 and I love it, but its one of the old Korean ones and seemingly plays better than the newer versions I've played. Personally I'd go for the BTB out of the the two on current quality alone but its also worth noting that the string spacing on the BTB is wider than that of the SR sereis, so take that into account too.

    I would also recommend the Schecter Stiletto if you can find one over here, great basses:

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    I'd also keep an eye out for the older Yamaha Myung sigs. They are insanely nice 6 string basses and with yamaha not having great resale value and Myung have newer sigs, you can find them for super affordable prices.

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    Play both. Very different feel, neck profile, and string spacing. No way to know until you try both. My favorite 6 in that price range is the Schecter Stiletto Studio.
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    I wish I could play both I have a BTB at the moment, and resale is a lot higher on them if I don't like it, so that is swaying me a little.

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    Did the SR's have a different neck at one point? I asked the seller for better pics and the back of the neck shot doesn't look like the Jatoba/Bubinga combo they use now, but the headstock is the right colour

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    Get the sr..

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