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Thread: NGD: Blackmachine B2 - Extraordinary spalted/flamed top

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    NGD: Blackmachine B2 - Extraordinary spalted/flamed top

    Hi folks! You might remember this recent thread of mine where I posted a pic of an incoming Blackmachine B2....well, here she is, and she's good.

    So good that it's disgustingly perfect in every detail: the top is out of this world, the smooooth fretboard, the alien fretwork, the binding, the oil finish...all these factors (and much more) contribute to an instrument that scares the shit out of me how good it plays, looks, and resonates.

    This is the best guitar I've ever played. I seriously doubt I'll be able to find a better six string than this one in my life. Everything flows so naturally with it, from ideas, to riffs, to shred stuff.
    The first time I embraced it, I played it for 10 seconds and was in the middle of laughing and crying at the same time by how effortless it was, I felt like I just found the holy grail, and still gives me the same emotions and inspirations everytime I play it...

    The attention to detail is unparalleled, and the tone is just right there. It has all the clarity and attack of my B6, but without its harshness, with added beef and a very, very musical midrange. The fretboard contributes to a very punchy attack and it screams artificial harmonics all around the fretboard with total ease. Doug says it sounds clearer and brighter than his personal B2 and Misha's one. The fact that it has mojo in spades surely adds to the tone too

    BKP pickups are the best fit for it and I can switch from warm jazzy tones to aggressive modern stuff in no time. The Schaller Hannes is a brilliantly engineered bridge and adds so much to the tone too.

    I've already spoken too much about this guitar, but let me put this straight: there's a reason why Blackmachines are so hyped, and that's not scarcity at all. This guitar is pure art for me, and when you'll embrace one, you'll understand.

    Here are the specs:
    - chambered vintage mahogany body
    - thick spalted/flamed maple top
    - honduran rosewood neck with ebony fillets
    - zebrano fretboard
    - BKP Cold Sweat bridge, BKP VHII neck
    - Schaller Hannes bridge
    - Schaller locking tuners
    - aged hardware

    And here are the pics of course:

    No videos this time (yet), but here Download Blackmachine from - send big files the easy way you can download a zip file with all the pics in high quality, use them as you wish

    Hope you liked this NGD!

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    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    RG Copy that will shit all over Ibanez's factories I'm sure

    In all seriousness, all I can say is....

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    That´s so hot!
    Amazing stuff, I´d really really really love to own that one

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    Holy mother of fucking god.


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    So are you selling the other one then?

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    Thats Puuuurdy..

    love the tag on the back.. thats freakin cool!

    So you like that bridge huh? I thought the LOOKED cool, but am glad to hear an actuall users input rather than company hype.
    I've been thinking with my gut since I was a kid.. afte4 40 years.. I've decided that my gut is full of shit.

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