I sold a child.... (black limba Neck thu LP)

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Thread: I sold a child.... (black limba Neck thu LP)

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    I sold a child.... (black limba Neck thu LP)

    I've been working on this guitar for over six months.. design changes, paint scheme changes.. supply problems.. a nasty breakup... shit happens LOL

    Anyway.. This thing is one of the most beautiful guitars I've made to date... (even though i hate Les Pauls)

    Black limba body wings, black limba /maple/ walnut neckthru section. The top was put on as one piece over the neckthru/wings with a keystone under the fingerboard, This differs from 99% of the way neckthrus with drop tops are made and i feel gives a better joint.

    Electronics are Duncan Alternative 8 in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck with a Fishman piezo power bridge and power chip. The guitar has two jacks to seperate the signals which is really cool (but not all that original) and clean is sounds amazing.

    That was the first Alternative 8 i used.. and.. i LIKE it.. its like a JB with a big fat ass.. but not like an american girl with a fat ass.. like a sexy latino TV game show girl!!!

    This is a Hybrid... the top carve is that of a PRS, the shape is a LP, but its a neckthru...

    It was weight relieved before the top was glue on, but.. dammit, I forgot to put it on a scale.

    5 ply binding on the body and headstock and 3 ply on the fingerboard.

    the MOP and Abalone is from Andy Depaul at Luthier Supply (great stuff)

    The top is from Northridge hardwoods and you can see in the pics.. its got stupid figure and it reflects the grain in drastic different amounts as the angle of hte light changes.. its was expensive.. but worth it

    I have a camera full of pics and video i have to download and process, but i did get some sould clips from it and will load what doesn;t sond like crap to my youtube page LOL

    It might be a paul... but the neck carve is closer to an Ibby or jackson.. the strings are a puss hair off the frets..... it freakin shreds

    I miss it sooooooo much..

    and in the sunlight before assembly

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    Wow, that thing looks great man! Seriously good work!

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    That looks AMAZING! Nice work.

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    Great work man. That looks amazing. Black limba us such a nice looking wood

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    Awesome work!!!

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    That's beautiful

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    Thanks guys.. Heres how the top was done Being that its a Les Paul.. you don;t need to install a neck shim, thus making it a bit easier to do it this way,
    this shows the keystone in the top

    Then you mill it off with the overarm router to the correct angle(and finish with a hand plane) there is a jig i use to get the correct angle thats not in the picture

    and then the final result

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    Fantastic looking guitar man.

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