NGDx6 of Orgasmic Awesomeness!

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Thread: NGDx6 of Orgasmic Awesomeness!

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    ME: RR1 and Jaden Rose
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    NGDx6 of Orgasmic Awesomeness!

    A quick overview:

    Jaden Rose custom shop. Ash/mahogni body, bubinga/alder neck, Pao Ferro fretboard. Pickups are Bareknuckle Aftermath bridge and Miracle Man neck. Plays fantastically. And, oh yeah, it djents like a motherfucker.

    Jackson RR1. USA Select Series, from 2001 (pre-Fender). Alder body, ebony fretboard. Pickups are Bareknuckle Painkillers. Neck-through. Plays fantastically, sounds awesome. It's really a workhorse, and I absolutely love it.

    Then there's my DB Wing II. DB is a danish brand of awesome guitars. Action is ridicilously low on this baby. It's suited for classic rock and jazz, mostly.
    Mahogny body and neck, beautiful quilted mapletop.

    My Schecter, which I raped gruesomely. Sanded the neck with grain 60, lit fore to the body. Nailed a piece of cloth to it. Gave it a Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup to make up for it.

    Then there's my LTD EX Clockwork Zombie. Sold it almost immidiately, didn't even have time to flash it. Awesome neck, but boring EMGs and it balanced horribly, which was a dealbreaker. Looked awesome, though.

    And my acoustics: A Starsound (crap) which I mangled with a breadknife. The other one my dad just randomly took home after a night of drinking. God knows where he got it.

    And my pedalboard (missing an Emma reezaFRATzitz, which is still in the mail).
    Maxon OD-9, Polytune, MXR Supercomp and an Artec Speedy Gate.

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    So thats where the tablecloth went

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    Nice collection dude

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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