Oh Jackson fanboi's........ NGD......

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Thread: Oh Jackson fanboi's........ NGD......

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    Oh Jackson fanboi's........ NGD......

    I officially joined your ranks......

    So....Long story long. About a year ago I decided to put together a RG7420 with a sustainer so I ordered one up from sustainiac. I took a stab at finishing the wiring up, then my tech did, when he didn't get it, the body was sent to sustainiac where they shipped it back suposedly fixed...but wasn't (worked in normal mode but not harmonic). So then my tech gets together with a couple of his "tech" friends and none of them can get it. So I said piss on it...I've been checking these out for quite awhile now. Played one a few years back but it wasn't set up so it played pretty crappy. So I'm perusing the bay here last week and "POOF" here's this Jackson PC-1, a few min left low ass starting bid......With no bidders. Score me! It's in perfect shape! Now I've got my sustainer...a better one, and now I can go tell the guys at Sustainiac to properly sod off......
    Guitars are like pringles....You can never have just one!

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    Excellent choice.

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    I have always loved that signature.

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    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    Oh, damn! That is one sexy axe!

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    Very nice dude!

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    Nice man - I'd love to get one but I can never get used to the thick ass neck on it. I've played many and they sound pretty nice but the neck...

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