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Thread: Your Opinions on These Guitars..?

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    Your Opinions on These Guitars..?


    I have been playing for a number of years, but I never truly committed to good gear. To mark myself taking music on a more serious level, I have decided that I will purchase (new or used, I am still unsure) one of the many guitars that has captured my attention...

    The Jackson RR3
    Schecter Hellraiser
    Gibson SG Standard (if I can find a reasonable sale.)

    I am also moderately considering a Jackson RR5FR (/RR5), or the Schecter Blackjack ATX.
    (I am open to suggestions for others, if you have any.)

    Basically, I was curious about others' opinions regarding the guitars... I am very aware, by the way, of the different styles and abilities for each instrument, and have squared with them.

    Also, even though I am not new to the scene, I still casually search for instructors for various little details I wish to learn or tighten... I have never owned a Floyd Rose, would it prove to be a difficulty in that situation? I have done my research on them (to the best of my ability), but is there anything that is often left unsaid?

    Best of wishes,
    - Nascosto

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    The MIJ or MIA Rhoads are great guitars, albeit not my style at all. I would personally go for the Schecter C-1, in either ATX, SLS, or HR forms.
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    you should definitely play them if possible and see what you like/dislike. All of those guitars are very different.

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    Have you tried out many of those guitars? They are all different shapes and that can make a huge difference. The Rhoads can be awkward to play sitting down, and the SG usually suffers from neck dive, loads of people don't like the Schecter neck profile etc. What kind of sound are you going for? That might help determine which one might suit you better. I'd definitely recommend going used, you'll always get more guitar for your money that way.
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