Help me if i should buy this(Ibanez RGT42DX)

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Thread: Help me if i should buy this(Ibanez RGT42DX)

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    Help me if i should buy this(Ibanez RGT42DX)

    So i came across a used ibanez in some store. Didnt found the slight crack,ding etc. Pickup sounded kk, not the best iv heard in my life but not crap either. I ve heard things about the edge 3 tremolo and i want to know if its really that bad cause it seemed to work kk... maybe very slightly detuning after some reasonable use(but the owner told me he just changed the strings).

    Whats the deal??? It costs 700 on the market and the owner sells it at bout 350 maybe 340.

    I am in serious need of a good shreddy metal guitar and dont have that much money right now. Lets even say i could change floyd to an OFR and maybe even pickups in the future. Is it worth it for half the market price???

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    Those usually go for around $300 US used. I have no idea what a used one would sell for in Greece.

    One of the few neck throughs Ibanez makes (Well in the RG line anyway)

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    Bar the shitty replaceable bridge, those are great. The rgt's tend to be much nicer than other ibanez in the same price range.
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    well its 340 euros. That translates to about 430 us but considering the economy over here and such things lets say you should take 340 euros as 340 dollars. I want to know if this guitar is compatible with an OFR.

    Also can i place popular dimarzio pickup combos like d activators and such?
    If you can share some of your opinions on pickups that you think are good for generic metal(thrash/black/death) and if i am able to place them to this guitar.(no experience on pickup changing here so i am trusting this to a good technician i know)

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    340 is a good price. Can't hurt to haggle with him.

    Re: pickups, it really depends on what is affordable where you are. How much is a set of dimarzios, seymour duncans, emg's, bareknuckles? Some companies may cost more where you are than where I am.
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    It seems im gonna make the buy after all. The guitar sounds pretty good as it is but i wanna know what upgrades i can do in the near future.
    Is an OFR installable? Do i need new tuners if im gonna change the floyd?

    Also what are your favourite pickup combinations for metal that i can get on this guitar?

    Dimarzio, Seymour, Bareknuckles whatever... ill sort it on the price.

    For your info most dimarzios are bout same price with US. Thx for your help so far people, i really need a good axe and this seems its gonna cut it.

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    OFR is a drop in replacement for the edge III, but if it's an older edge pro II RGT you MAY need to route extra room for the string block screws/bolts(?). Seymour duncan custom/jazz combo sounds great in my RGT, but by all means, get whatever you want.
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