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Thread: NGD: PRS SE Dave Navarro sig

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    NGD: PRS SE Dave Navarro sig

    This just showed up, but I have to run to work so I only had a minute or two to check it out. This is the original flat-top model. I was kinda hoping that I'd get the 2012 model with the beveled top, but with a 15% discount from MF and for the price, I'm not overly concerned about it.

    It has a maple top, mahogany back, maple neck and a rosewood board with SE SFS/SE Vintage Bass pickups. Push/pull tone and 3-way toggle, which I like. This is, obviously, the "Jet white" finish.

    It came from MF with 9's, and since it's cold up here and it's been on a truck, plenty of string buzz to boot. That said, I plugged it in to tune it up and quickly give it a quick jam, and I think the stock pickups sound pretty damn decent. I probably won't bother swapping them out, since the gold screws match, and this won't be a main player of mine anyway.

    Fit/finish is typical PRS SE, which is to say pretty damn good. I can't see a mark on it, and any little bits in the pictures are either reflections, or bits of lint from the gig bag. I do wish I picked one of these up when they first came out when Sweetwater had them at $450 with a HSC, but hey. I got 15% off from MF (you'll need to call them for it), so this only ran me just over $500 express shipped.

    Overall my first 5-minute impression is that it feels/plays a lot like a Schecter C1. I'll have more to say about it once I get some proper strings on it and let the neck settle in and such.

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    White BKP's with gold poles would look tits in that.


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    Love to know if anyone has seen a lefty in this model.
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    Just commended on your Facefuck pic, nice score broski! I do love me some SE action. Definitely need another one, my Torero is beast.
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    Nothin' like havin' someone else's name on your guitar.

    Really nice guitar though. I like the white and gold. I've always been a proponent of the SE line, and they're just getting better. I have an SECU24 and I find the flat top to be a bit uncomfortable under my picking arm, that's a pretty sharp edge! I'd like to try one of the new beveled tops.

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    I really like the pickups in my SE Singlecut. I had every intention of swapping them out, but they're a great match for the guitar.

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