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Thread: NGD: Blackmachine B2 (ebony top and flame inlay)

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    NGD: Blackmachine B2 (ebony top and flame inlay)

    I finally got a Blackmachine Im super happy, plus I haven't owned a 6 string since I had my Jackson Professional about 12 years ago!

    My initial thoughts after having a good solo jam session with this thing is that the rumors are true! Its an absolutely over the top amazing instrument! The tone is very alive and resonant. I love this thing! It has a rosewood and ebony neck with swamp ash body and thin ebony top with ebony fretboard and BKP Warpigs with a killswitch too!

    Im not sure if its the woods, construction, pickups or all of the above but this thing is very very clear sounding. I have not tuned it lower than standard tuning so I dont know how it sounds in a lower tuning yet but I can definitely say that its not too dark sounding or overly bright sounding for that matter. Its perfect! The Warpigs sound killer and are a very good fit for the woods in this thing. Playing leads is a breeze on this neck and cleans sound amazing! Palm mutes have this perfectly resonant and tight sound and chords are clear.

    And the flame inlay is awesome! Id rather it be there than not be there. Not cheesy or weird in person at all. I really like it alot! Its an '06 build but kept in very good and original stock condition which is exactly how its staying. I was pleased that it had zero fret wear and even though it was shipped to me in California from the UK, it was set up perfect with no fret buzz at all once I tuned it up.

    As far as showing off the tone, I just got a Mac and Protools and am working on a solo EP that Im gonna put up for free download by the end of the year. Im using my Mayones Regius 7 and J.Custom RG8527z for rhythms and using this for all leads and cleans as well as some rhythms. If I can manage to get decent sound with my Sony HD Handycam soon then I will definitely post up a vid.

    Onto the pics! As a result of an amazing yet curious 80 degree day in February last week I was able to take some outside pics!


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    Sexy I played Bulb's Blackmachine that he had with him on tour like 2 years ago (right before the album came out) unplugged for a bit, and the feel on that thing was incredible. Beautiful instruments.

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    Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations man!
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
    Tiān xi m nng zhī, m nng xng." - Lao Tse - my band.

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    How think is that body?. But nice score man.

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    Looks good. What part of the bay are you in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
    Looks good. What part of the bay are you in?
    North Bay. Sonoma County. You?

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    So nice! Was drooling over this when it was on ebay.
    EBMM JP7

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